Indeed interesting times ahead

I usually dont take Alai seriously. Either way kitaeleweka. RWNBP


Wacha alie iko nini. Anafaa kujua na bado revolution inakuja.

A-hoist redflag kule sugoi

Ruto and the entire kalenjin nation have never been in opposition for more than a few months…this is very strange to them

And it’s been a while ever since I heard the phrase " ule jamaa…"

hio ghasia wether atakua rais au akose he will still be a billionaire. so sijui nini inasumbua yeye sana. kweli binadamu hawezi tosheka na chenye ako nayo.

Akiwa raiya ataambiwa arudishe birrions na hataki hivyo.

He used to insult and belittle other that he is in government. He used his powers to humiliate those opposed to him. Now the system of his erstwhile partners is busy deconstructing him block by block.

His ego must have taken a real beating. I hope that we will soon have a conversation and consensus on how the country is to be run and basic rules on exercise of power. Yesterday is was NASA today it is TangaTanga. Tomorrow it may be the Muthaiga Mafia.

He was warned. Now, let him wait for 2022

Lootall …Loot All

Ghaseer he can cry all he wants. Trying to show Uhuru that he is the new Mt Kenya kingpin was his undoing. He’d parade young legislators that he rigged in at the nomination levels every weekend in harambees all over Central ungethani hakuna place ingine anaweza enda.

Wamashamba allegedly kulad some election money. 5B to be precise.
Once Gatheca realized (which was after the 2nd election), he asked for his cut but akakaushwa.
Saa hii hataki kumuona.
True storoo.

Its Human nature my fren.

Oya, stori za base ya changaa zibaki huko priss.

Hii ungewacha digi alete. Sio elder statesman kama wewe. My hypothesis is Gatheca realised that although he was helped by him politically, on matters economy he took him two steps back. And for legacy purposes, economy will always be ahead of politics. That’s why we all remember Kibaki because of his good economic policies and not his general kiguoya nickname of being weak politically.

Wacha aangue kilio. @sani umehepa group?

Game bado changa. Ruto controls both houses

Hapa si US. Houses dont matter at all in such a scenario

UK was very aware of economic situation. People like Ndii begun ringing alarm bells as far back as 2014. Treasury is populated by his loyalists including Rotich,who only began to shift alleigance as he realised 2022 was approaching and WRSR may be King.

Most of high-tech treasury heists have been executed by TNA side. So I think UK knew he was using WSR and was patient. After second election he immediately began to look for Tinga for a deal going to 2022.

WSR’s utility is over as he can’t allow self succession schemes. The issues of corruption etc are pretexts to jettision him.

Raila was branded Kimundu aka kipii after helping Kibaki. Kalonzo was branded fisi anangojea mikono iangike after helping Kibaki. Mudavadi is mademoni. Now ni hustler.

Shafting itambee

ii si mara ya kwanza. Ruto alikua kwa Raila na akatoka, na hakuenda kwa kibaki. Alikaa nje kivyake na majeshi yake, hadi after sometime akaingiana na wengine. Ruto boiling point yake iko juu, not moved by Adrenaline. Lakini akishika moto yeye kupoesha ni ngumu. Hadi wa leo hakuna kitu yyote imeshinda Ruto. Hakuna obstacle imemzuia siku ata moja, anapita tu nazo. ii ni challenge ndogo, Joseph alipitia tu the same, but he became a prime minister in Egypt. Its only a matter of time