Indecent Exposure

A woman was kicked off a flight after cabin crew told her to change her low-cut and see-through top.

Mum-of-two Harriet Osborne, 31, says she burst into tears after she was made to feel “cheap” when she was told her top was too revealing.


alikuwa anaenda wapi na bedroom clothes?

These mbishes know that they have nothing better to offer anybody that their poosies and boombs!! They are desperate to sell it to the next willing buyer!! And love the attention it brings!! BTW jungus consider the booombs more private than even the poosies! So this one must be the kunguru of kungur singo mathafaks!

Siku hizi it’s men who are dressing up, as our women dress down.

That is not true. They ‘hung’ out all the time. But wait which jungus?

That is my observation… I can be wrong. Let us say for attention seeking, selling poosies and boombs, happens for many ladies all over. And there is nothing wrong with that, it is evolutionary: The same way men flaunt their wealth, power, education, etc to win a poosy!!

You know they walk naked.


Jungus is a general term. The ones form Eastern Europe can be prudish…but sio hawa wakwangu. Boobs are out at the slightest opp kama sasa because of the weather.

Some jungu’s are nudists and others naturalists. Summer time women wear clothes that are too revealing. I’m surprised they kicked her out of the plane.

Yes, that is not street clothing or something a mother of two should wear in a public place where strangers are forced to be in very close proximity to one another.

I don’t understand why a woman would dress so provocatively, such that people interacting with her are more engaged with the problem of where to look, than who he is and what she’s saying.

She was not allowed back in after covering up because she was abusive to the crew.

It’s not only jungus even here in Kenya [ATTACH=full]245649[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]245650[/ATTACH]

Yes, she is too cheap, she should not feel ashamed

Huyu ni Mamake Hassan?

They just walk naked ?

shida iko wapi na nguo yake?

In France, Muslim women are being fined for covering up. This white man’s society is very confused, mara cover, mara uncover…

Yezza. Almost naked. Nilikualika bash a few weeks ago ukakwamilia Kigwaru inn na Queens hapo Ruaka…you would have seen them with your ‘own 2 eyes’. What is a skirt is actually barely there, you would be forgiven for thinking that the women are wearing a bra and a top both 2 sizes smaller but they are not. Nah just that the twins need some sunshine too. Hehehe
Actually it begins to look normal after sometime until nifike kule Shathay and think I am normally dressed with my knee-length skirt and decent ripped jeans naambiwa nizitoe fast faster fastest…
‘eeeeeh ehee Waitherero gutire kundu urathie na jeanie ndaruku, tukirwo twina thina…hunh and hunh again???, tiga kunjambithia she says’:mad::mad::mad:kana ‘atumia nimaroka mahoya, ndukirute skirtie eyo’…arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh!:mad:

Was out/about today and wanted to take some piks za wenyewe but am aware that it is a crime huku na kwanza kuziweka online…

Anyway we men love what we see and that results in coitus. Women love attention and that results in them getting laid. Bring them on boombs, poosies and we shall eat and leave our seeds there! Isn’t nature natural?

Truedat, men are visual creatures! lakini if a serious man wants to settle down…he forgets all that and starts scrutinising a woman vvv seriously. How you cook or feel about it, how you treat his friends and family, how you treat him…and of course kule kwa bedminton. But by then he has already decided, he is after more than sex.

I want to settle down but I have to sample a few poosies until am 35… Any leads to go and cleanse my mesho?? Kigwaru was a moving target, next!!