Incompetent Conman Ruto Travels To Germany & France Tonight. Kutangatanga As Usual

Nugu inaenda Europe tena kutangatanga na kuharibu taxes zetu…

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Acha Ruto afanye KAZI, wewe Mzee mzembe kufa kifo cha mende alone.


Ruto akona kazi wewe ndiyo huna

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How many Kenyans were “employed” in Saudi Arabia after his recent trip there …??? :blush::blush:


Walipost investment zao Africa na Kenya hatukuwa kwa list


So …
What was the real purpose or benefits of Zakayo wasting Kenyan Taxpayers money on a lavish trip there …??? :blush:


His purpose as always is to waste tax payers money.


His state visits to Kenya brings trillions along

The Writing is on the Wall …:blush:

President Ruto has said that he plans to have 3000 to 5000 Kenyans travel out of the country to work in foreign countries.

He’s now trying to impress his Tugeges fascinated with trips abroad…Yaani kupanda ndege:grin:

The Head of State said he plans to jet out of the country tonight to Germany for bilateral talks on securing 200k job opportunities for Kenyans.

“Tunasign bilateral labor agreements ili tu-export labour ya Kenya. Tunataka watu 3000 ama 5000 waweze kwenda kufanya kazi kote duniani ili watuletee pesa na wajitegemee,” Ruto said.

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We are now tired

This mbwa is as gullible as the fuckers who voted him . Huyu hatawahi fanya KAZI .wacha azurure



Incompetent lying dumb fuck.

Why not create those opportunities in. Kenya


After All That Has Transpired Tugeges Ichung’wah and Cheruiyot Still Think Kenyans Believe Uhuru’s The Cause Of Kenya’s Economic Chaos?

Senior United Democratic Alliance (UDA) leaders on Sunday issued demands to Wiper Party leader Kalonzo Musyoka after the latter met with former President Uhuru Kenyatta.

National Assembly Majority Leader Kimani Ichung’wah and his Senate counterpart Aaron Cheruiyot fired at Kalonzo asking him to tell Uhuru to come clean on alleged plunder during his tenure.

The two leaders claimed that Uhuru decided to make a public appearance on Sunday after learning that Ichung’wah was planning to kickstart the process of setting up a State Capture Commission.

Coincidentally, the two leaders are part of the National Dialogue Committee (NADOC) co-chaired by Kalonzo and Ichung’wah.

Former President Uhuru Kenyatta (center) joins Wiper Leader Kalonzo Musyoka and Machakos Governor Wavinya Ndeti for the fundraiser of Full Gospel Church, Mwingi on November 19, 2023.

“It is time we had a candid discussion ( in public) with Uhuru Kenyatta on the economy, the effects of State capture on the economy, and the mess we are sorting in this Country’s economy. Please get him on stage,” Ichung’wah told Kalonzo.

Ichung’wah added that he was grateful Kalonzo had brought the former president back to the political scene.

He explained that this was the only way that Kenyans would be able to know the truth about how much taxpayers’ money was plundered during Uhuru’s presidency.

Agreeing with his National Assembly counterpart and fellow NADOC member, Cheruiyot remarked that the Kenya Kwanza administration was on course to recover looted public resources.

He explained that the only reason Uhuru came back into the limelight was to sabotage the proposed State Capture Commission.

“I agree with Kenyans telling us to slow down on taxation and go hard on recovering what’s stashed abroad first,” Cheruiyot stated.

On Sunday, Uhuru threw a political jab at President William Ruto’s administration remarking that the government was run on excuses.

He stated that instead of taking responsibility, the Kenya Kwanza administration was apportioning blame for every misstep to him.

Because the Kenya KWISHA mob are incapable of thinking beyond their noses … :blush:

Anus lickers @sani @Billy_Drago @nyundo_wa_komeo @berlin_oxford @mikymas nimeskia mkiingia chini ya kitanda baada ya kuona hii

I wouldn’t even name my dog after kimani machungwa. These arseholes think Kenyans are a very dumb lot. This particular cunt was the chairman of the budget committee if am not wrong, but what did the fucker do? In Kenya all you have to do to be a leader is to utterly lack shame. Ngūi ici.

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More lies …
More broken promises …