Incoming woman rep, Kiambu county


Wapi mattercore

Atoe make up tujue her true colors.

Asimame wima, tumpime uzito

Huko chini

She is naturally beautiful

Mwanamke akipiga picha nusu inamaanisha kuna kitu haiko

Kama uonavyo,ameketi.Kiambu kuna upuzi lakini,just because she is some.famous gospel singer sasa watampea hiyo cheo and leave out someone fit for the job.Their current women rep was elected coz she was a radio presenter

Kiambu voters have extremely low IQ. In the last election, their choices for governor was between a drug dealer and an illiterate buffoon.

Even this time their choice is around the same people,you should hear how some defend Waititu.

There it is again. Everytime a woman is mentioned, you bonobos start chimping out like hormonal cavemen.

Forget what she has to bring to the the table or if she’s a worthy woman’s rep, it’s all about her ass and tits, doesn’t matter if such things are irrelevant to the discussion.

The minute you see a different gender all forms of critical thinking and judgment based on individual merit gets thrown out the window.

Nobody wants to hear your sexual fantasies. Tafadhali kuweni na heshima. I really hope this website doesn’t represent the average Kenyan man.

150/- mwisho

Even the one who took over from Waititu is another dunderhead. There is serious lack of good leaders there. But wakipea Wamatangi or Kuria governorship they can do better


Women politicians are selling men deliverables. Bure kabisa

Wewe wacha hasira.

I haven’t said she is ugly…

This is the first thing that the illiterate kukuyu @ChifuMbitika has written that makes sense

Kiambu should just be taken over by NMS

It’s going to be quite a race given wamuratha is also vying for the seat!

kenyan men tuko sane and sober si kama hao watu ume tag