Incoming Governor Kirinyaga Wangui Ngirithi has apologized

“Going by the clip making rounds on social media – Yes, sometimes back I had an incident involving overlapping on the road. I was rushing to attend to a patient by the name Magdale Wawira who was admitted at KNH. Sometimes, even leaders are reminded by the citizens about the society and its values. I took the lesson, appreciated and apologized accordingly. To grow together as one cohesive and harmonious society, we must remind and correct each other whenever we go wrong or make mistakes ~ PWN.”

Umetoka Russia mrembo, kuna hadi clip.

Iyo gari yake ni ya aina gani?

manze sinachukia hikyo kimatha

Nissan tu

Leta hekaya Elder

hakuna hata hekaya…bitch just irritates me…hell she even makes waiguru look nice


yake ni second generation, model za 2010-2014

China V8

This lady…mbona anajiangusha hivi?! Kanyotu family are birrioneas many times over. Yani she can afford to spend half the year in Bora Bora and the other half in Hawaii. Awachane na peasants prisss…


I love you @Deep sea

Lakini I believe Kirinyaga county has better alternative leaders. If you have already served, appreciate and let’s others also represent.

And the Royal weekly award goes to you

If Kenyans keep blocking waheshimiwa you will see traffic jams start vanishing. Ama they will legislate that a lane be reserved for them only?

  1. Was she the doctor?
  2. Was she an organ donor?

Rushing to KNH to attend to Magdale Wawira, Nice try, is she her doctor? Akikuwa Governor jee?

hi boss, do you have a grand that you can spare?

Aren’t there men politicians in Kirinyaga?