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Women are really going to see alot in this world. A stupid man is having sex with his underage daughter and posting it on social media. Yaani nimestuka. Men. Men. Men. Which type of demon. Has anyone seen the video? For me hata nimeogopa sijawatch but naskia from groups ati the girl is too experienced and she’s doing everything. Now the full identity of the man, his wife and where they both work has been exposed on Instagram. Surely ladies pray very hard b4 entering marriage with any man. Kuna watu demonic in this world. Even having guts to post your own child having sex with you. God help women and children in this family. Huyu mama Akio a hio video si atajinyonga? So painful the things men do to women and girls.

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So, one man commits a crime and every being with a peenus has to take the blame? Mbona huwa haufikirii?

Makena najua you are my deskmate pale Kwa frisk

:D:D:Dalikuwa neutered

Who has the link bana

Huyu jamaa has now ashamed his entire family. Bibi yake is trending. Where she works. Where he works. All his kids photos, full names and schools.

Wacha ni Waambie majamaa when you see Satan tempting you to do evil things Jua one thing, the same devil will not only expose you. Utafutwa job. Utafungwa jela. Wazazi wako will disown you. Your kids will be humiliated and ostracized. Yaani think twenty times when you are opening the door for the devil. The devil will possess you utajipata umepost video without even knowing how you posted.

As for women, mothers and the rest. I have warned you about leaving your children alone with men. Teach your daughter or children to avoid being alone with any man and to immediately inform you if a man is going after them. We may not be able to avoid such nutcase in society but we can surely do alot to save children from this kind of abuse.

Mtoto anatakiwa awe protected until age 18. That one is a parents responsibility especially moms. Personally I am forwarding this video to relevant authorities bcz huyu mtu ako na a smaller daughter and you can be sure she’s next on the line up asipoenda jela. This is a very dangerous person who must go to jail b4 aharibu mtoto mwingine. Huyu msichana her life is ruined. It’s like ule R Kelly alikojolea. She’s now a drug addict. So painful kuharibia mtu Maisha yet you enjoyed your childhood bila interference and molestation.

Men ask for ID b4 doing anything coz ukienda jela ur family will be left suffering. Let’s be responsible citizens.

Well, you have undoubtedly proved countless number of times that you are gay. No need to prove it again.

That’s very true. I didnt want to embarrass @uwesmake so had to delete the pics of me mercilessly destroying his wife’s coochie.

Huyu kwanza he’s also gay, next thing he will groom boys to have anal sex with them naskia he even was applying petroleum jelly to enable him go into the anus of the child. If he’s not arrested immediately huyu atabaka hadi boychild. Wacha kumtetea.

He clearly said the man committed a crime. That’s not defending him. He’s asking the same I’m asking. Why are you blaming (all) men for this one man’s crime? Also you might be mistaking pedophiles for gays.

Nimemtetea wapi?

Please quote where I used the word All?

Don’t blame a whole gender ! this was the work of one sick creature, some weeks ago there was a screenshot of a group of women in the US or Europe that have sex with their sons , we can’t start saying women are evil because of a bunch of sickos !

Duly noted. Thanks.

Reason I put all in brackets. You said men. To quote: “Men. Men. Men.” This is just one man.

Even when trying to point out a (percieved) problem with society, be careful not to unfairly target one group as it turns out to be nothing more than a witch hunt. You consistently only point out the bad things that men do. Just men.

That man is a hero who deserves state commendation.

Men commit 99% of crime so it’s rare for women to be caught up in these situations. You can not blame me for that.

But that’s not really true, is it? Even if it were then 1% of your posts condemning a woman would be fair, right?