Inaitagwa kuchapwa 9 bila : By changing currency the guy who withdrew 4 Blns sh from a Westlands bank has 120 days to spend or bank it


Oya oya oya oya hii ni news tuliona nikikamua dinosaurs smchieth

Wewe na nani

Your worst nightmare

Nani ali withdraw 4 billion, aje?

the “person” who withdrew 4b from the bank account is CMC Di Ravenna local branch. Money was paid by Rotich to Italy, and wired back to the local branch for the start of operations. Which is why Kinoti has gone quiet. He was busy releasing statements without thinking.

akimwaga ndani three times a day zitaisha

Which branch can have 4Billion ama it was in dollars? CBK regulations etc …whats the story here?

no bank can have amount of cash, for someone to withdraw 4b.

If prior arrangements are made 4B can be withdrawn, si ni pesa ya mwenyewe?

For some reason i find this currency change just a quick fix, like huduma number before the system is messed up again. Hii Kenya tulirogwa, don’t be shocked if some flamboyant politician throws the new notes your way in a few… Just give it time

This should be simple for banks, If I have a contract ya more than 20B to build a dam then 4B for logistics is peanuts. Watakuambia kuja kesho ama kesho kutwa.Rem nothing has yet backfired it ussually backfires after the withdrawal of funds.

You Kenyan ? In nairofi ?

I understand this is exactly what the US does with their dollar to beat drug dealers. You change the serial numbers of the notes and a few other things then withdraw the old notes from circulation. Someone with a billion dollars notes hidden under the bed in Venezuela becomes a peasant within months.

Haha nope that’s not how it works at all.That will propably collapse the US economy. They black list specific serial numbers which they’re certain have fallen into criminal hands but the US dollar is never made valueless ever in any form. Even the blacklisted ones can still be used shida ni the secret service will be hot on your heels. The minute you spend the money, it’s flagged narrowing down your location unashikwa kama burukenge.The USD is not a local currency but an international one since it’s the most traded and a lot of it is actually outside America. The way unasema the US can buy good from another country with USD then declare it valueless the next day. Si hiyo ni hujuma :D:D:D

All I know it’s not a peasant

Nigga did you just say what I wanted to say but a bit smarter hahahaha

Vipi Scotland peasant… zako ndio bado mattress ama? Uliona za Al Bashir vile ziliendewa

If they withdraw the currency in the next 1 hour, I won’t lose more than a thousand bob. Inaingia kama imetumika haraka haraka. Mimi sijaibia mtu yeyote he he he

Ebu tuonengeelele hii manenos ya 4B … What was it being withdrawn for from that Westlands bank? @spear hata nikimuuliza hawezi niongelesha :


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