Inachoma Part 2

Habari ya villagers…first and foremost…Thengiu…after your wishes of Luweere…and other ill-fated thingies.
I decided to be a responsible adult…went to the hospital gave out my blood, urine in that order, for testing…as you can recall…taking a piss has been like taking a thousand daggers from the night’s watch…at some point i wished i didnt have a schlong…Test for Hiv and STDs was negative…however i have a UTI…taking meds now. My advice…Always use a CONDOM…doesnt matter how long you have been together, how she looks, how old she is, virgin or not, what she says…USE a fucking CONDOM.waiting for results was hell…learn from my experience…Nimeenda Winterfell.

Kaka, hiv test after a weekend of kukamuana ni kujibamba unajibamba. Go after a month or more…

You are still not out of the woods yet. Ngoja 3 months, upimwe alafu utuletee sasa hekaya mwoto tukikuimbia luwere.

He should go there after 3months… Then come sing for us that condom song… Otherwise bado tutamwambia luwere!

Ngoja six months ukihara more than one week, andika will you are not out of the woods yet…

After three months ndio huwa inaanza kushow, earlier than that itakudanganya.

It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Anza kuandika will mapema

I was the first one kusema huyu jamaa ako na UTI lakini hakuna mtu aliniskiza. Anyway kunywa Amoxycillin utapona and remember the ABC. Abstain, Be faithful and Condomize

you’re not out of the woods yet. Niliwaambia nini juu ya corporate chillez? Hakuna kitu safi hii Nairobi. I usually wear two condoms…moja kwa kidole na ingine kwa mjulbeng’…you can never be too safe

:D:D…talk of throwing him back to the pit each time he gets out

Before three months that’s like unhatched dragon eggs.