In whose hands are we safe as a Country?

In whose hands are we safe? These two charlatans are failing to manage this economy, as majority are slowly sinking into poverty in whose hands are we safe?
Is there new political genius who will clear this mess, we are in a mess currently, Ruto has a very bad start will he manage, the recent appointments prove otherwise, we will witness KANU era massive looting spree in another dimension, we doomed as a people, God sustains Kenya, we have politicians not leaders,

I met a jsks sapere follower today , jamaa inatetea ruto kuliko vile wakiristo wanamtetea bwana

Those who are preaching doom and gloom for Kenya please leave us alone. You never raised your voice during the handshake regime when there were all manner of looting, mismanagement of economy through rampant borrowing and extra judicial killings. The new president just settled and you are here preaching doom. Let the president work, we shall assess his scorecard in 5 years time and determine whether he needs second term.

Really, this low?

Yes. Did it not happen? Why do some people just act as if Kenya economic problems just began when Ruto got sworn in as president. Its such total hypocrisy. Leave the president to complete his term then you can judge his performance. Simple, he just got into office

Tuliteta na bado tunateta. Handshake sio corruption

Surprise! It happened when your president was DEPUTY PRESIDENT! With his 50% share of government, no less. He earned his salary up to the last minute in the previous government. He told us he only stole 7billion of Kimwarer dam money, because it was insured anyways. He was not an innocent bystander in the previous government. Watu si wajinga kama wewe.


Kagege, 21B ya ghost dams iliibiwo wakati wa handshake? Ohuru is on record saying that after the handshake wizi and blackmail by huyo mtu stopped.

Too late to answer the question.

Atwoli gave you the chance before August 9, 2022. You chose the hands you wanted. Deal with it!.. :D:D:D

Choices Have Consequences. Atwoli himself has moved on.

Yet kimani ichungwa is in the government. UDA ni wajinga kama hiyo wheelbarrow