In What Demonic Alternate Reality Devoid of Logic is this a Fair Ruling?


The justice system in Kenya is extremely f.ucked up. Innocent until proven guilty is not a concept that exists, the operating logic is either:

a) whoever reported the case wins


b) whoever can pay the most wins

Modern laws have been created to discriminate the man. A judge sending and under age boy to prison or wherever for sleeping with an underage girl lacks wisdom. @TrumanCapote and @Finest wine what’s your take on this matter?

You’re a narcissist, and a rapist!

someone phucking his blood relation deserves to be in jail. on this i support the ruling. heshimu cousins and sisters hio ujinga ya kutombana as if hakuna madem huko nje is wrong i mean if we start accepting blood relation phucking then we will start accepting all white peoples bullshit from aborttion to homos to bestiality

I’m a responsible citizen now negroe

Doesn’t change the fact that you’re a fvcken rapist

@Avia unasumbua

acha uongo, Tunajua ni weweulipigwa mamiti ukiwa form one. Girls in primary school generally had no fear or respect for classmates. Hio yako ni uongo mtupu

Nope…not sharing my views on underage sex.

As much as the Sexual Offence Act of 2006 needs reforms, that ghaseer should be thrown into a Juvenile Prison and must receive vibokos every day for the entire period he is there.

We don’t want a society whereby teens are having incestual sex with their cousins and producing degenerate inbreds with genetic disorders and most likely with low IQ like [SIZE=2]Zoomalis and Arabs[/SIZE].

Those of you saying he deserves it for sleeping with his cousin, don’t you think the girl is equally liable?

I see.

Boss, indians marry cousins.

Not only for that but also for lying to a police officer under the instruction of her mother. Untill women start getting punished for lying and putting men in jail this thing will never end.

But with the kind of stupid validation they’re getting from even eager to please men like I see here it will never end

africans we dont do that shittt ukitaka enda india ama Arabia

Ushawahi enda ukaambia the girl pole? Directly or indirectly?

Tulipoteleana after walihamia Nairobi, sijawai muona tena. I guess saa hii aliolewa na ana familia

Messed up shiet!

Kwani what does a class 4 pupil know about sex; erection, penetration and cumming?

Dude, kwani where did you grow up?