In the market for a new TV...Budget 100k

Vipi wadau,

I’m looking to buy a new TV, mostly for general viewing of movies, YouTube, local channels by the family etc

Preferred specs are Smart 4k/HDR, Dolby Atmos, Android TV, UHD, 55"

Some of the offers currently at Carrefour;




Saidieni kidogo, all these TVs look like they have the same specs… or am I overspending and should just take a TCL Android with Onkyo/Harman Kardon inbuilt speakers?

Luthuli 65 inch Sony goes for 102k. It’s all the same, but you can pay premium for the name of the shop.

Are the Luthuli TVs covered by warranty and might you know a credible seller there? … Enda Luthuli at your own risk.

Luthuli shop ikue ni msomali with his clan.

Bro, get a Hisense U7G - 55" is 72K (check hisense kenya or even jiji). One of the highest rated budget tvs I’ve seen on rtings.

Alternatively if he can be patient enough anaweza ngonja U7H which is to released very soon .

Will it be coming to kenyan market? Naona sometimes they don’t.

Also, the Hisense U7G is cheaper and rated higher than all the tvs you have listed above.

They say so on paper ,

I hope but naona rtings wanasema it is only available in North America.

Ingia luthuli,jishikie Hisense ya 88" for that price