In The Abundance Of Water, The Fool Is Thirsty


They will come for you from all angles , be vigilant

Thanks. Be sober

Nini inaendelea hapa

vaccine doesnt help anything.

Watu wakae “woke”



For the ones who travel internationally, a vaccine certificate has become part of the travelling documents, only third to passport & visa.

Q-nut we will never click on your links

Lemmie pick your brain, do you think this is a good thing?

What is a Qnut? Just asking for me

Definately not, but sadly it’s the new norm.

have no idea what you mean by Q-nut.

Ever hard of the ignore button ?, you may need a tutorial on how to use it judging by the low IQ you’ve displayed here

A QAnon nutjob


am sure you’re a qualified psychiatrist to know who is a nut job and who’s not , or probably you just think you are

I’m a nutjob expert in the same way that you are a covid expert

Okay. Tell us more. I habe a real case.of nutjob