In Tanzania Kenya news sell sana. The badder the better!

You learn something new everyday

That is why huko JF they know so much about us. Zamani nilikuwa napata startv but not anymore.

I know right?

Hizo movies zao zinakuanga na upuss mingi

DSTV, Startimes and previously, Zuku air Kenyan channels the same way we get Cloud TV, EATV and TBC in Kenya

DSTV and Azam decoder were stopped from carrying local channels apart from the government TBC so they have no choice but watch Kenyan channels

Sometimes I feel like there are only fools in this forum.Tz has more media than any East Africa country.Tanzania ndio ya kwanza kuingia digital than any east african country.A normal Tanzania is able to access more than 100 tv channels in his/her home so why wondering,i see that tz is growing fast than kenya thats the reason of these worries.

Wachana na hiyo story ya hundreds… Just name 15 tv channels in Tz

That’s so easy friend,TV1,ITV,CLOUDS,TBC1,TBC2,safari TV,c2c,zbc1,zbc2,channel ten,star tv,DTV,ETV,Wasafi tv,sibuka tv,azam1,azam2,azam sports,azam sports2,utv,tumain tv,suatv,mliman tv,abound tv,capital tv,agape tv,lman tv,tv5,dizzim,Africa tv,barmedas tv,passion tv etc.those are some few of them,if I take my time and concentrate there are more than 20 to name.Tz is media power house in east africa

msee zile expose hukua ma week-ends plus interviews especially za Jeff na mohamed. just some positives.

Tatizo lenu mwapenda sanaa kujisifu na kujidanganya,Tz Hawajui ata kitu moja toka Kenya,vile wanajua ni uhuru kenyatta tu cz wanampenda…Nenda Mombasa utaona watu wakifuatilia mambo ya tz kuliko ya Kenya ata zile hotuba za magufuli wanazisikiliza muda mwingi.Endeleeni kudanganyana humu

I will take time to check them out when I visit in December.

Do Kenyans in here know anything beyond their borders?
Seems like level of Ignorance in this forum is so high,

He’s talking truth. They have very many TV channels. But you won’t enjoy a single channel, you won’t watch any of them for more than 10 minutes! Perhaps you would if you go there on a kuosha mecho escapade. But the contents are only fit for the Tanzanians’ consumption only. And the said content is similar across the different channels, just like the case in our local TV stations. Halafu, they are the ones who began the folly of showing Hindi movies and series with Swahili voices. Saa hata Kikuyu do the same.