In Tanzania Kenya news sell sana. The badder the better!

Naenda kuangalia Tanzania news in Tanzanian newspaper napata badala ya Tanzanian news it’s all about Kenya.

Slippery Kenyan drug baron seeking to take over disgraced Akasha’s narcotics empire
Police have arrested Swaleh Yusuf Ahmed, alias Candy Rain, and his accomplices several times but they always seem to find their way out of jail.

DR Congo Ebola death toll crosses 2,000 ahead of UN chief’s visit

Beni. The Ebola outbreak in DR Congo showed no signs of easing Friday on the eve of the UN

How phone clue in missing Dutch billionaire’s case led to wife’s arrest

The triangulation of a mobile phone that showed the location of a worker who had been fired from

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey account hacked, offensive tweets posted

Twitter has said the account of chief executive Jack Dorsey had been “compromised” after a series

Kabendera’s lawyer says journalist in bad health

Defence lawyer in the case facing a journalist, Erick Kabendera, yesterday asked the Kisutu

Britons set to protest against Johnson’s Brexit move
Order to impound ATCL plane was wrongly awarded, Tanzanian lawyers tell South African court
Zambian opposition leader denies defaming president
Bank of Tanzania fines NBC for data breach
Chinese firm bribed with cash and houses to win tender for Kenyan mall

Do Tanzanians generally consume their news in English or Swahili?

Swa kama ghasia. The fuckers watch Kenyan news in the evening unashangaa shida yao ni nini?

They are able to receive kenya’s tv stations there?

Dstv and other decoders

ni quality tu ya content. standards za journalism huko enyewe ziko so low u can think mtu anatolewa shambani akilima anapewa mic na camera. basics kama objectivity vs subjectivity ziko alien

Mostly KTN news

even nigerians have a thing for gisty kenyan news articles online
it just shows that kenyan news media is more ‘active’ ,
also not as controlled by government like tz
hundreds of articles and videos churned out daily ,both armature and professional

I was in Tanzania during our Supreme Court presidential petition proceedings. What can I say? Wacha basi maraga waseme kirudiwe… Wueh! Huko kuna political analysts kama tu hapa. Generally they admire our democracy. But when they get critical of Kenya maze inabidi ukimbie!

Tanzanians ni meffi kabisa. Afadhali our brothers and sisters from the land of M7.

I was staying at Hyatt dar and wanted to catch up with local news on TV. There was not even a single local channel. Kenya channel esp citizen were available however.

All our neighbours hate us with the only exception being Uganda and Rwanda.
The rest won’t think twice about engaging us in war.

That country is shit…Journalists there have no freedom of reporting. A lot happens in that country but we can’t know it’s happening because media is gagged. If most, if not all, that happens there is reported, Kenya would be seen as a saint…The reason they report Kenyan news in earnest is because they are ‘juicy’ to the Tanzanian readers who like to follow Kenyan news so that they have something negative to report about Kenya in their forums…Actually I realized most Tanzanians watch Citizen TV more than their local TV channels…On the other hand, our media is very proactive…If you don’t get something on Tv, you are sure to get it on YouTube, or Twitter, Facebook, newspaper or even mobile alerts, ensuring a wider reach, not only in Kenya but on the continent. We are in Kenya!

Hio part ya Hyatt ni unnecessary but it’s ok

Wewe ndio unachukiwa. Sio kila mtu

Walikuita wakakwambia…

Na vile local stations are meffi to me. I wonder how meffier Tz versions are for them to enjoy ours.

The guys don’t have freedom of journalism.

Tanzanian TV can only be described by one word: DEAD!