In Solidarity with old talkers

To all admins

It is evident that after the upgrade we have not had a single update from from these talkers @pamba @Abba @FieldMarshal CouchP (this one may finally call it quit),@Chloe @engiti @Mundu Mulosi (Wacha kujifanya you were assisted to login) and others who share the fossil qualities.Wamelemewa na hii navigation ya the new template.

I am sure they are launching the page wanashindwa what is happening.What does this mean.That the upgrade is not going down well with most of the talkers.Chameleon yenyewe ikiwekelewa hapa itakuwa confused sembuse @pamba who has to comment quickly and go for the bribe.

Tafasari wekeni angalau font ya maana or better still open a feedback section tuwaambie what need to change.Hiii sio user resistance.

As a villager i have come to realise @admin is a dicktator. He would rarely listen to talkers opinions. Tumeshindwa tukiomba an ‘education’ section but hii mtu imelenga.

Maybe because they are too old to remember their passwords?

Wochman @pamba ni hongo anacolect na hio akili yake ndogo imesahau password

Speak for yourself @Kimakia , how can I develop something then nishindwe kutumia?


Kushinda tukiongea juu ya hii downgrade ni sawa na kupigia mbuzi guitar.

as an admin use of insults is out of order.
secondly please listen to the talkers who have made this forum successful.
The all threads button would make it easy for a user to scan the whole forum topics in one click, and easily access the ones to participate in.
probably you want users to make more clicks while trying to access any topic thereby generating more ad revenue for you (not sure how it works), but trust me, you are killing a good thing. if it aint bloke, dont fix it. the prior user interface and fonts were classic. why didnt you add your new functionalities without tampering with that?


Hahahahhahaha Osungu.dl

I think the Kenyatalk administration has limited or no access to change the website’s layout. Once we request for new features or upgrades, they, in turn, email Xenforo owners with the same requests.

Unasaidiwa na kina kiorro


Haaya,kumbe village ilikuwa ikipakwa rangi na Sina habari

They’re looking for the handkerchief that they wrote their passwords on.

hata videos hazichezi. Ni links tu

Hii all threads button ilikua wapi, sijawai itumia. Mimi ni new posts button click kiasi then log out.

Be patient though, the brain will get used the new site. Ni kama Toyota wakitoa a new version at first inakaa meffi but soon unazoea

you’ve hit the nail on the head.


Its not a joke,that might be the problem… For me nimeteseka sana Ku crack my password but I finally did it day two after the launch


I wasn’t aware of the shitty upgrade. Logged in and on the first glance I thought am in that village where the midget admin does 90% of the post