In rare protests, Egyptians demand President el-Sisi's removal

Rallies in several Egyptian cities after businessman Mohamed Ali accused el-Sisi of corruption, called for resignation.

Sisi is an American & Israeli ass-kisser but akitoka option most likely ni Muslim Brotherhood. And you know how their political Islamist policies cannot be tolerated there.

Egyptians know their military is a separate state within a state. Its also a usa puppet due to the annual $1.5 billion military aid washington gives them through arms sales from usa defense industry. This was the carrot usa used to get Egypt to sign a peace deal with Israel breaking the Arab blockade of not acknowledging Israel as a state. The government gets another $1 billion annually to do as they please and with that the usa controls their foreign policy like a true puppet state. Mubarak was in the military before Army picked him as President. Sisi was in military before army picked him as President. Egyptians know their leaders are puppets but to remove them is to fight their own military and burn the nation. The Egyptian intelligence community spend a ton of funds, effort and military aid to spy on its own people than their perceived enemies. They fear internal resistance more than external.

Still contemplating on the implication of Trump calling el-Sisi, “my favorite dictator”.

Next ni hii umbwa ya Ngina.

Hujasema chochote hatujasikia tena

Always so many words explaining crap.

Skia hio ng’ombe ya Team Russia hapo juu iki criticize Egypt as if Russia is a paradise of democracy. The Russian guy is not a puppeteer himself.

As if Putin and Xi Jinping themselves don’t “spend a ton of funds, effort and military aid to spy on their own people and perceived enemies…”

Ubaya wa hii website ni ujinga na hypocrisy of the first order!