In Praise of the Mbooch

In Praise of the Mbooch.

About time to acknowledge the Service and important role of these tireless Domestic Home Managers and Caregivers …

They clean and maintain our homes , care for our children and , on occasion , “service” other needs of our Male family members.

Many an adolescent boy , young male relative or head of household have had their carnal thirst quenched by these enterprising young ladies …

I will let the pictures do the talking …
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Toa Maoni Yako …!!


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Angusha hekaya!

mwingine hapo hajaosha miguu


Nani huyo anakaa tuju

yaani hata mpaka taste yako ya mamboch iko looow

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They come in handy when kiu inazidi na hela Hanna.

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Hii grade ya wanawake si ukinusa suruali unaeza skia kama ni tobacco umeweka kwa mapua?


He is a bottom feeder


these are just normal ladies wa mtaa .

hizi ni visokorokwinyo vyako

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A bottom feeder is still a feeder.
Ukikula ugali na cabbage na mwingine akule caviar dipped in gold mtashiba wote


ai? wa caviar dipped in gold ataumwa na appendix…:smiley:

Word , Brother … Word …!!

No Comment!!!

Wako tu sawa…

For your further Edification …

Most of these Gals are humble , simple , un-sophistcated Country ladies who have come to the Cities to eek out a living …
[ …unlike the well worn Slay Hoes that you are more familiar with …]

A few years ago , one such as these came from Mombasa to Nairobi in search of her Fortune …
See the miracle transformation below …




Res Ipsa Loquitur …


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I’ll tripple her pay.

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@rexxsimba naona umeanza upuss ya kupost umeffi

Wako aina yingi …


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