IN PICTURES: This Is How Bad The Anti-IEBC Demonstrations Have Gotten – Two Shot Dead

Hehehehehehe! Wetang’ula threw a left hook with his right guard down…:stuck_out_tongue:


It’s true landlords wanawafukuza Luo’s from their houses, kwangu sitawafukuza juu wote ni Waislamu.

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More casualties to be reported before the day elapses.

noma waah


Hizi corddemons zitatumaliza

I would too, if I was a landlord in those areas, why would I risk losing income in the name of domocrazy?:rolleyes:
The “refuse to pay rent” mantra seems to be repeated every ten years 1997 during “coopresson”, 2007 “No raila no peace” and now were coming to 2017 “IEBC must go” the landlord’s mantra should be “ODMorons must go”… We all need mantras …but that’s me , I’m risk averse:D

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Hivi ndio ‘mafans’ wa arsenal walikimbilia Man City na Leicester City

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