In other news… 54-year-old man who scored D in KCSE appeals for help to join university, study dance

A 54-year-old man who scored a mean grade of D in the 2020 KCSE examinations is seeking help to join Masinde Muliro University.

Martin Kibet Mang’ori who resides in Bungoma County says he has always had the urge to get educated, but when he sat for his CPE exam he was unable to find a well-wisher to pay his school fees.

This forced Kibet to venture into farming and business for the past 42 years, but in the midst of all challenges, he was able to go back to school when St. Patrick Catholic High School gave him an opportunity to sit for his KCSE exam where he managed to score a D plain.

“It has been my dream to join the University and major in music and dance, but my financial situation and responsibilities will not allow me to realise this dream. That’s why I urge any well-wisher to help me in realising my full potential,” Kibet said.

According to Kibet, his deteriorating health and the responsibility of taking care of his family, he is unable to afford the required fees to join Masinde Muliro University, which is his desired tertiary institution.

However, the elephant in the room remains where to obtain the required fees for Kibet to be able to join the university due to his financial situation.

Kibet urged well-wishers to come out and help him realise his dream.

42 years hajapata fees enough?

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Huyu jamaa apewe free entry to his university of choice halafu afanye veterinary medicine, hawezi survive comparative anatomy. Wapi paybill

Aanze na Diploma au Certificate

:D:D:D:D wekeni paybill tusaidie hio ngombe ya wheelbarrow uncle ya @Kalenjin101