In Memorium : Josky Kiambukuta Londa

“Le Comandant” Josky Kiambukuta Londa (RIP) of TPOK Jazz.
(14 February 1949 – 7 March 2021) .
He was a Congolese performing artist, singer, songwriter and composer.
As a member of TPOK Jazz he played alongside Franco Luambo Makiadi during their most popular period in the mid-1960s until the late 1980s.

Vocals :
“Le Commandant” Josky Kiambukuta Londa.
“Le Grand Ninja” Bialu Madilu Multi-System.
Malage De Lugendo.
Ntesa Nzitany Dalienst.
Guitars :
Solo - Dizzy Mandjeku.
Rhythm- Makosso Kidundi.
Mi-Solo - Gerry Delunguana.
Bass - Mpudi Decca.

Drums - Nado Kakoma.
Congas - Dession Bosuna.
Keyboard Synthe - Poto Maurice.


Chacun por soir
Alita Shamala

The TPOK generals are leaving us one by one. But their music will be with us for along time.

Yes …
Indeed it will … :blush:

Song : “Salima”.
Composed by : Michelino Mavatiku Visi
Vocals : Michel Boyibanda , Pepe Paul Ndombe Opetum (RIP) , “Le Commandant” Josky Kiambukuta Londa (RIP) , Blaise Wuta Mayi , Lola Djangi Checain , “Le Maitre” Luambo Makiadi Franco (RIP).
Guitars : Michelino Mavatiku Visi , “Le Poet” Simaro Lutumba Massiya (RIP) , “Le Maitre” Luambo Makiadi Franco (RIP) , Mpudi Kisala Decca , Gerry Dialungana.
Drums : Ntoya Pajos.
Tumba / Percussion : Bosuma Desoin Dipoule.

Song : “Locataire”.

Song : “Mujinga”.

The Mi-Solo Guitar performance by “Le Maitre” Luambo Makiadi Franco (RIP) was on another level … :blush: :fire: :two_hearts:

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