In Kenya Wildlife Is More Important Than Peasants

How. Please ellaborate and use Nairobi as a case study


Support your ponts sir in any argument.

its akin to you you breathing O2 and farting out not giving any value to advancement of evolution…theres no interdependence for you

Elaborate please

The wildlife in the Aberdares play a role in the distribution of various tree seedlings through their waste and thus contribute to maintaining the forest which is the source of 90% of the water in Nairobi.
The Nairobi National Park is responsible for absorbing a lot of the air pollution that originates in the city. The air quality in Nairobi would be four to five times worse were it not for the park, whose ecological balance is maintained by the lack of elephants and wildebeest who migrate from Amboseli to the park in the dry season and thus prevent the vegetation from drastically changing.
The forest-bushland west of the park near Karen and Langata exists because of The park’s unique ecological balance with the lack of elephants and more of smaller herbivores. Otherwise it would look like Maasai Mara.
The forest-bushland is responsible for Karen-Langata’s better air quality as well as the fact that the rivers that flow in that area do not have pollutants unlike the rivers flowing in Nairobi.
The bird life in Nairobi, that keeps the city from being overwhelmed with pests comes from the park. We would have been overrun by roaches, rats and the likes a long time ago.
(Big up to the hawks in Westlands that play a role in picking up the giant rats at the Curio wasteland).
Your ignorance of ecological balance is telling