In Kenya Wildlife Is More Important Than Peasants

A peasant in Laikipia connected electricity directly to the barbed wire fence around his farm. An elephant that had come to feed on his maize crop was electrocuted and killed, he was quickly arrested while fellow Peasants fought for meat from the carcass.
When a peasant is killed by the beasts sio news.

it is kirimino to be poor in kenya

Hatia ni hatia
Law is blind

Illegal connection

Kwanza walikuwa wanavamia io nyama kaa shiet… How the hell do people think if at all they do!!! Disgusting. Animals are important too…

That’s very careless of that fool. What if his own family members had touched the fence? If elephants are regularly invading your farm, chances are you’re the one who has encroached on their habitat.

Look at these fools provoking an elephant into smashing their vehicle. According to reports, the elephant was later shot for defending its personal space.


Kenya has no wildlife. The land on which gameparks sit is held in trust by kenya wildlife service on behalf of the House of Windsor. All elephants are owned by the House of Windsor through David Sheldrick Foundation.


An electric fence that puts down a whole elephant is criminal and goes way past the set limit to begin with. They are meant to shock not kill. Imagine naive children or unsuspecting people touching the fence? The guy committed a crime, simple.


i hope they died and took their genes with them.

Wild life inatusaidia na nini. Fucking nothing. I say kill all


There are ways to keep away elephants using bees. I saw this online somewhere. Works every time.

if only you would know the trouble people from laikipia go through because of elephants, you would shut your stinking twats.Those animals are fucking bad.they cleared 2acres of irrigated cabbage crop on the eve of the day they were due for collection by a buyer the following do not get any compensation from kws

clearly the word symbiosis is not in your vocabulary…google it

Mimi guza mbwa yangu uone kama hautalala HDU, wildlife are from God and are better than some human trash

Stop reasoning like a fool. Wildlife are an important part of the ecosystem and contribute in one way or the other to the survival of all organisms including human beings.

I dont need to read . I need to feeel how me and a silly elephant are interdependent