In Kenya we don't lack programmers, we lack ideas

Several of the kenyan site i have been seeing are exact replicas of other non-kenyan-sites.

kenyatalk-jamii forum
keny*nlist-jamii forums

why would anyone go to such an extent of cloning twitter given all the skills required?
that shows that he is a good programmer but lacks ideas.

iam yet to understand why i can’t post Kenyan_list on KT?:D:D:D

Ever seen Coke advertising Pepsi?

You have a name an exact replica of non-female handles:D

Kenyan-list ni wazee wamejaa UMMEFFI vichwa akina @Meria Mata @gashwin @FieldMarshal CouchP @pamba na mbwa Koko zingine

Stop overestimating yourself, kenyan has the standard amount of talent in developers. They’re no better or worse than the average developer. And they are not that many


what do you want them to develop that hasn’t been developed yet? what you see these guys doing are side projects. na kujenga forum is not that hard, you basically install forum software on your server, create your database for users and so on. Twitter and many of the websites you see many clones of is because there is an opensource version of that site developed and available for public use.

Think like google Chrome/Chromium OS for example, based off of Chromium project - google wanakulia mbaya hapo, all they do is contribute to the chromium source code and throw some money at the devs there.

You might be shocked to find out kuna Kenyans who have great ideas that are being implemented in foreign countries. Huku kenya most people will not take time to design good looking websites because most ppl pay peanuts.

True. I just wonder why African apps and websites don’t hit kama za majuu.

We have ideas but implementation ndio noma. Many people are sitting on ideas worth millions.

Africans we are consumers of foreign stuff.

Developers build off ideas given to them. Just building a website doesn’t guarantee its success. It takes more than developers to create a central content place.

One problem could be many of us ignore UX/UI part of designing a website. Angalia website ya tesla: utapata iko very user friendly and looks good.

Sometimes developers themselves come up with great ideas. The best examples are google, facebook,whatsapp, uber app etc.

Those were entrepreneurs. They hired technical help.

Google and facebook founders were programmers who created these things.