In Kenya, pray that you never lose your partner in a mysterious wayway.

This guy is allegedly the boyfriend to the late Ambani lady who was kidnapped and later found dead.

Kenyans nao wameamini he is the killer and are telling him some kind words kwa comment section ya his FB account.

If you still have an account huko kwa Zukabaga go check it out.

Screenshot the comments, please.


Wah, enyewe ni kubaya. Sahii Kenya ni Sodom, Gomorrah, and Gotham City all rolled into one. You must assume every third person you meet is a dangerous criminal.

Kalio ni mkamba , sindio @BADASS

Hii kitu saa hizi ni mzoga na wewe unalia utamu

…And his name is Innocent.

Kalio si jina ya mkamba ankoo ,hio jina inakaa ya wasenge wa coast Kama buttco makalio

Wacha kukemea jamaa. Maybe kudinya wafu ndio style yake.

People have turned into cold blood killers. This society needs a reset. We butchered each other in 2007 and assumed everything was okay without going through a process of repentance and forgiveness. We need to converge somewhere and solve these issues

The bugger seems to be bad news[ATTACH=full]376475[/ATTACH][ATTACH=full]376476[/ATTACH]

reminds me of James Blunt roasting people on twitter

innocent anamiss out incinerating busy bodies

So this has nothing to do with gender?

But kusema ukweli DCI iko na power ya kumake judgements. Kwa hiyo statement wameongea as if this guy is the killer I am not arguing he is. But si wanafaa kusema he is just a suspect. Like tuseme mtu akuwe si yeye muuaji after court process si wamemharibia jina like who will even employ you. Nasema generally this guy might be the killed but Police statement hazifai kuwa condeming.

What are the chances that these murderers are in a cult where they are promised paradise after killing their loved ones? (Remember the other MKu student who murdered his whole family in Kiambaa not long ago, and the Kitale Luhya who has defiled and murdered over 12 kids?)

:smiley: the guy was implicated in the murder of his own sibling and spouse plus their child. His own family says he’s capable of it and yet, strangers online will hijack this story so they can start sobbing over “masaibu ya boychild”. Mnakuwanga na waana sana.

Gani hizi tena?:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Handwriting ni ya @mbuutaa

I don’t shrub in writing my dear