In five years the "am looking for a serious relationship my kid is my priority" battalion


Yayee ma white knight mna kibarua aki

Feminism misleads women big time ,huyu atakua a bitter feminist in a few years,alafu utaskia akisema patriarchy is responsible for her predicament.

Huyo madam is wasting her time advising women. Women have a weakness for shortcuts, so if she sees a ready-made nigga thong atavua bila maswali. It is their nature.


@culture did you stop nusaing women pants.
You reincarnated strangely

Whatever a man can do a female can do better.

:D:D:D… Huyu single mother anafaa aende kanisa for 6-7 months hivi, na atapata bwana… That’s how easy it is for women to get into a serious relationship and get married…

This is small small problem for women…

The problem is that they cannot be choosy, the alphas they truly desire are no longer attracted to them… Now they are stuck with betas… Ndio maana single mothers are a bitter and depressed lot. :D:D:D:D

Welcome to feminism boys; where women waste their most treasured possession, youth…

Ni maisha!


Or eka hiyo umama kilimani mums