In Defence of Beautiful Women Who Want Easy, Quick Life*** Long Read

The gospel preached in these streets is that beautiful women should not use their beauty to move up the social ladder. In fact, those who dare to use that route are demonized as Kungurus.

Don’t get me wrong. I don’t advocate for prostitution as a means of bettering one’s life.

However, I am against the hypocrisy that we show when beautiful women use their beauty to make their lives better.

Hands up if you know the name of the woman who won London Marathon last Sunday? Hands up if you know the name of the youngest woman professor in the country? Hands up if you know the name of the best woman engineer in the country?

See? You answered no to the above questions because as a society we judge women in terms of their beauty. We care less about their intelligence and whatever they are capable of doing, as long as it doesn’t involve beauty.

Now, hands up if you know name the woman with the largest buttocks in KE? At this point you are smiling because you keep tabs on her.

Beautiful girls who are dating married men, old white men, Nigerian fraudsters and even our own Kenyan conmen are not stupid. They are aware that beauty has a shelf life. That’s why she wants to make good use of her beauty to travel the world, dine well and buy all those fashion items that improve her self-esteem temporarily. She knows she won’t get there by dating a man of her age because the men of her age are just starting to bulld their lives. They are either in their first, second or third jobs and have no cars; if they have cars, they are not top-of-the range vehicles that one needs for a good insta-picture.

This girl never went to the university and if she was lucky to go, she couldn’t keep up with the lectures. Just like the rest of us, she wanted the good life quickly and without working hard for it. That’s why when her friend invited her to this high-end hotel for another shady birthday celebration she did not look back. She looked for a cheap dress, which hugged her in the right places. The men in the party didn’t care about her cheap dress and shoes. They saw something in her, her beauty, and they were willing to do anything to keep her.

Take Joe, for example. Though he was in his mid-thirties, he was not married because he took time to settle in his job. Now that he is a mid-level manager in a multinational firm, he is doing well. In fact, he’s doing well compared to his peers who were with him in university. The sad thing is that Joe could not afford these kind of girls in campus. He was always broke and campus mates did not pay a passing glance to him.

10 years after campus, the tables turned quickly. With a good salary and a few investments here and there, he’s every girl’s dream. He can afford to spoil this girl silly. He can take her out for dinner, shop for her and even give her some pocket change. He can always pay for Uber to drop the girl home. He can also comfortably afford to pay her rent.

What should stop this girl?

Wacha alpha males watoke kazini.

Wako Outering wanakam…stay put![ATTACH=full]235885[/ATTACH]

UPUSS!!! Briffaults law kicks In ,women MUST choose wisely the kind of men they interact with, rational thinking vs emotional “feeling s”.You can’t make life altering decision based on " feeling s".

nimeachia hapa because if sai ndio unarealise this you are too young for this

As you struggle to use money to get women, sisi alpha males tunatumia the 3M strategy: mazolz, mistari na mjuols. Hivyo pussy inakuwa kitu ya free ata saa zingine


Vijana mutafute pesa na SIO TAFADHALI

Niaje slum dweller? Umeweka koroboi kerosene full tank leo?

Jinga hii, niko kwa penthouse just about to ferk a model size lady who bought me dinner pale Charlie’s. Nyinyi beta males endeleeni kumwaga pesa na sperms ovyo ovyo

:eek::D:D hakuna ata Thermal or LED image na kuchangamusha kijiji?

What is a difference between prostitution and “using her beauty to make her life better”? For me, these are the same things, dont try to use 500 words article to try to explain that there is a difference, when there is not