In Busia ODM nominations

Apparently, The stakes are very high. Imagine, guys have resources even to publish fake newspapers, a Daily Nation newspaper to be specific, with a headline shouting ‘Otuoma defects to Jubilee’!


wembe ni ule ule jubilee…usifikirie you are holier than thou mr spin doctor

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Merge this one na ile ya meria mata hapo chini

Every election year, Western demonstrates to the Kenyan people that it can be more petty, clannish and self-defeating than Zooomalia.

JaKuon has perfected the art of exploiting those traits.

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Kuna official thread
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All parties are full of propaganda, nothing new.

I knew it that’s why I registered in embakasi west. Hakuna vile machinery ya ODM ingeitikia Otuoma akue kafana they wanted to split the luhya dominancy in busia