In between the 3rd and 4th week of working out

If you are lifting weights, and doing it right. Then, you are bound to have the worst body shape ever. Hapa ndio watu hu wonder ka unaenda gym kunona.
Well, it’s part of the process, and you are on the right track.
The reasons for this occurrence, is that, muscles are forming, and inreturn pushing your body fat out.
So be patient, soldeir on.

Depends on ones body. I ballooned after 7 months and people started doubting if i do go to the gym or i was a just an advanced fisi on mission.

My bad, forgot to mention, that, people with high % of subcutaneous fat, are the ones mostly affected.

hii bayology ilinipita…subcutaneous what is it?


don’t know if that’s true but i slightly chubby(kautambi kwa mbali) weighing 72kgs.

Noogle…google…you sound like you are proud to display your ignorance here. Shenzi

sande sana ango

Don’t forget kuna ile mentality if you hit the gym u increase your food intake… Hii hudisappoint most new members… Get a proper nutrition plan plus easy on the supplement…

Meal plan and supplements husaidia, then incorporate Cardio e.g. skipping rope and H I I T though mostly lift heavy to bulk,increase protein intake,But even if you Bulk up after the month finishes get a new meal plan and routine for cutting, hapa utaenda na calorie deficit,your body should look nice

HIIT na hatusumbui

HIIT, yeah ! ! ! Mind sharing

Ubaya ya HIIT is that utakuwa healthy cause it’s mostly cardio but there is a time that you will stagnate in terms of muscle build,i prefer doing bulking session then you cut after,but kila mtu na preferences/goal zake

True. Niliona haina haja nilipe Gym. Nachangamka HIIT kedo forte mins natoka hapo kidogo nibebwe na stretcher :smiley: . That shit is painfull in a good way. keeps my weight in check.

Ingia pale Fitness Blender dot com uchague tizi hapo ujipeleke road test