In aza nyews..

Deep state wakule sasa…

Hawa rich kids wanasumbua

ii mutura ni gani ama ni ile ya @Motokubwa

mungiki unazaaje mtoi the umuite MUTURAA?

Enyewe kwa hii dunia mtu asijione amefika…
Kitu ya govana Nairobi ata haijapoa na mwingine ashaikalia

Halafu watu wakue humble. This mutura guy was nowhere just 12 months ago. He just humbled himselof in those corridors of power.
Saa hii atakula mishahara mbili for the next 2 months. Na lazima aomoke juu ya ki tender fulani.
Mungu halali.

Uwes the pronunciation of sapere names is what is the difference. This guys name is not pronounced mutura. It is Motora…besides mutura itself is a delicacy in Cendro…
Tho from the day Meria described what the ingredients are…don’t think I will ever partake again.:mad:

Hii kijiji imekupea trauma no lie.

Such is life. You learn and move on. It took me a while to figure out how things work around here as I had come from a totally different forum.
Back to the mutura, Meria posted that it is stuffed with anything from unborn goats and some other unprintables. I was so crushed as I really loved it along with another delicacy ‘ngerima’ don’t know what it is called in english. Nilimalizana nayo. Wacha tukule nyama plain.

Kwani unafikiria sausages/smokies are made how?

What is saddening is that I used to love sausages too. Niliwacha. Smokies? don’t know what these are.

:D:D:D:D interested in the unprintables.

Anything, including cut up mucuthi and tule tuitina that nobody can eat whole. Add tumaitho for grit and spice it all up with a little mathugumo

:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D aye banange

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley: hio nayo buda umeongeza royco mchus mix

It is the cow’s thugumo, not human. The one for cows has medicinal anti-oxidant properties when mixed with clotted cow blood in the muturaa

no mutura. That is a deficiency of the roman alphabet. it is motora. As in one who pokes a hole or one who lives forever. Bantu language, especially kikuyu, words change meaning based on tone.


Kaari kii?! Nimeamsha bibi na kicheko.:D:D:D

Hustler should take note. Mathew 5:5 Blessed are the humble for they shall inherit the earth. Chest thumping like sonko and fighting his boss will send him to sughoi.