In aza nyews..

What was this #mbirriionaire upto when he decided to enter karura forest for almost three months? He had allegedly left a suicide note but now he is back…to a completely different polygamous family.

Alipe madeni kwanza. How many wifes did the burger have ?

Three official ones plus three unofficial. 11 official children. I wonder where some men get the time or energy to juggle so many issues.

He must have acquired a fourth one during hibernation.
These guys who are teetotallers are known to be serious womanizers.

These are the guys who looked very timid in primary and high school, at time even sacred.

Mimi sio teetotaller but if i ever afford it, which I am getting confident I will… minimum is 40.

Why waste public resources looking for a fool? Alipe madeni

My dad warned me against men who struggle to hide their vices and told me never to trust a man without a vice. Jamaa kama sio mlevi lazima akuwe kidinyi hatari. Pussy terrorist per excellence.

Minimum 40 wives ?

And I wont repeat countries

Hapo lamza insuarance company zilimwagia DCI pesa kumtafuta

I don’t do akoho but women are my poison and puthy is my drug but am in control.

ghassia , leta story in full, si kubehave kama nvchieth

This fool should be jailed for wasting government’s time and resources