In An Electric Future Batteries Will be Essential Like Oil Is Today ~ Musk. China, South Korea, Japan In That Order Dominate This Sector

[SIZE=6]Chinese Dominance
Despite efforts from the United States and Europe to increase the domestic production of batteries, the market is still dominated by Asian suppliers.

The top 10 producers are all Asian companies.

Currently, Chinese companies make up 56% of the EV battery market, followed by Korean companies (26%) and Japanese manufacturers (10%).

The leading battery supplier, CATL, expanded its market share from 32% in 2021 to 34% in 2022. One-third of the world’s EV batteries come from the Chinese company. CATL provides lithium-ion batteries to Tesla, Peugeot, Hyundai, Honda, BMW, Toyota, Volkswagen, and Volvo.


Who provides the raw material

China, DRC and others

Combustion engines are here to stay. At least for the next 100 years.

West always control their economies, to their liking. No way companies like GM, Ford, Volvo… will be written off to the sidelines of oblivion.

Even mighty rome fell one day