In 6 hours time I’ll expose how the Illuminati/NWO/Global elites are actually controlling the masses

Yall bonobos better get your tinfoil hats ready

6 hours ni mingi sana post sai before wakufikie ukazwe makende never to speak again:D

Who are you but Meffi takataka


It’s been more than 6 hours


Hiyo ujinga peleka kwenu ukatibiwe. We know your handwriting kibet mer

Divide & conquer - the global elites make sure the working & middle classes adopt detrimental belief systems (LGBT, ANTIFA, BLM) by heavily encouraging the advantages to be gained by going against traditional beliefs while they themselves still practice & inculcate traditional belief systems in their children.

I’m not sure whether we can really say this is worth the 6 hr wait… respectfully.
Is there more you want to share ?

How do the global elites make sure their children have a leg up on the competition? By promoting feminism among women of a lower socioeconomic status as it encourages polyandry and the vilification of traditional marriage. The children of these working & middle class feminists are then handicapped as they are grow up confused & disoriented in single mother households.

Hawa millenial & gen z social justice warriors hawaelewi the more woke & “independent minded” you are the more of a pawn you are for the global elites.