In 2022, we in Mt Kenya will vote for those who have always stood by us for 60yrs,%20Paul%20Muite%20and%20Raila%20Odinga.jpg

Uko kwa picha gani hapo juu. Natry kuona ni nani amestand by you.

Haha, that photo with Kalonzo though…body language experts mnasemaje?

The Kenyan Political comedy :smiley:

@Agwambo all ze way.
He is IMO the most qualified candidate and most deserving for 2022.
Hao wengine wanaweza ngonja for another 10 years we evaluate them.

Even those who rose rapidly within ranks at Safaricon did not get the coveted post of CEO. They still have a chance in the future…If they prove themselves.

I wonder why GEMA elite have finally come around to this man, it seems the other option is far more scary.

Ruto aliwaambia clearly that he went to study the Ugandan ruling party model so that he can replicate it in Kenya. In short Mois Kanu 2.0 loading

This will end badly, old money will not let their resources be subjected to that.

Kiambu sisi tunasema ni ruto mwizi wetu all the way.


He was the boogeyman to the peasants but ate with them.

So this guy will be the new boogeyman

This time niko nyuma ya morio wa odinga. I have never lost in when i started voting.

Raila has never stood with the mountain. He is actually the reason why Kikuyus are hated by all the other tribes. Everywhere he goes he preaches hatred by portraying the Agikuyu as a greedy and power-hungry tribe. He tells them that we have stolen from them and that’s why they are poor. He is a snake and a Devil.

Katombe paipai utulie

Hii kitu uliona ucopy sasa unashinda ukipaste kila mahali

Inakuanga jamaa jinga sana juvenile mafwi tucker tucker type

Uongo. This started during Jomo’s days when the so-called Kiambu Mafia was seen as monopolising power to the exclusion of others. Then came Moi. When he was troubled by multi-partyism (for which Raila was jailed, and not forgetting that the anti-Moi camp was largely a “Kikuyu-Luo coalition”), Moi and his henchmen started tribal clashes huko Rift Valley to evict Kyuks. It preceded Raila by a mile although he took advantage of it for his political ends.

I have to reiterate the truth even if it’s a million times over

Tombwa na Itumbi matako juvenile mafwi tucker tucker type