importing stuff via e bay

talkers it is so punitive to buy an item over e bay .I bought a spy camera at 28$.The tax on it was 1315 about 46% plus post office charge of 175. Then some idiot teller at nbk could not process that payment he said system was rejecting the payment. I spent like 4 hours he is also super slow .its good i captured him on camera

Kuna ma broker apa kisha ukajifanya mjuaji sio? Kula ujeuri yako!


didnt know nipe details

As elucidated by @Mkufuu in one of his threads (buying cheki maneno accessories), ungetumia posta for shipping. La sivyo, mwone @incognitus kando akushughlikie.


Make sure seller ships your item as a gift or commercial sample and you’ll find it in your box. Alternatively ask seller to put a lower price on package and get a fake invoice and head with it to posta. Unfortunately the painful part is paying the tax it can take even more than 4 hrs to complete the process. The customs payment system keeps failing and could keep you waiting for many hours. I can assure you it’s not the tellers fault. next time make sure it’s shipped as a gift.

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I bought a fitbit Hr at $146 seller indicated price as $46 but was still forced to pay about ksh 2000 tax. I was shocked as that was the first time my items had gone through customs. You can also buy from sellers who do not have a registered airmail service which you do not track but wait till items arrive in your box. Also talk to @incognitus he can help you ship items cheaply in future.


io procedure inaenda aje n how long does it take to have ur product

pay online using nakumatt card ,shipping 2 -3 weeks get it from post box if less than 300g pay nothing.past 300g pick it from 2nd floor detained packages. Open in their presence ,tax is calculated then you go to bank nbk or coop pay tax then come pick your item

They dont accept payment on 1st floor anymore? That is where is paid last year, official receipt and everything.
But your package will only be detained if they either cant tell what exactly the item is, or if they cant find the RRP of the item.
Otherwise it will come straight to your p.o box and you can pay all relevant charges at your Post office.

The last three months or so I’ve bought several items that were shipped to me via Posta Kenya (EMS). In all cases, once the item arrives in Nbi they call to alert me of expected charges. Within a day or two it arrives at my local post office where I pay all charges/fees, customs included, as I collect. I’ve not had to be sent to pay at the bank prior to collection. I’m not in Nbi though. The source of the items has been Japan & Singapore.

Can i use dhl or any other service …post office wanakaa kuwa n kisirani mingi

you can, but of course those other services charges ridiculous premiums AND you will still have to pay custom charges.


Only if you need the item urgently.

How long is there delivery?

anything between 7 -14 days i believe. since post office does it in like 30 if im not wrong. over to you @Luther12

DHL? Last I used them it took 4days from China (AliExpress). Early this year a pal sent me some items through them and I was not satisfied with their service.

Often, Posta actually takes 7-21 days.

so who do you reccomend posta ama dhl ?

I am a regular importer of this and that from aliexpress. So last week I was shocked to get a custom invoice for ksh 700 Bob for a xiami mi3 earpiece which I had bought for $4.