Importing construction materials for sale

I want to attempt importing some construction materials and accessories for sale in Kenya.
Anyone with the know how, please advise on how to start and what to expect from the mafia government.
Importing from the far east and northern Africa to be specific.
Advise on clearing and forwarding too.

Next wk kuna china trade wk kuanzia 5th - 12 tembea apo kicc you will get all the information you need.

Household goods i.e tiles,washing basins ni vitu kama hizo ?contacts na advice on clearing naweza kupa

Buy Kenya, build Kenya my fwen.

warehouse itakuwa wapi,?iweke karibu na raia,usiipeleke huko industrial area

I am looking for a cheap warehouse /storage spaces of btn ksh. 10,000 and ksh.30, 000 per month… Along Mombasa road and Industrial area… Doesn’t need to be fancy…

Mwambie siku hizi people are running from brick and mortar model. He should take it to the store afanye kama Jumia. Analeta bitha site.

Bro, apo umeambilia patupu.

Exactly, but not from China as people assume. Please assist hapo inbox.

Not always the case, we start by learning then we bring it home, then we try make it at home and create jobs.
I have several ideas, one is import and the other is production in Kenya. Costs will determine.

Can research and provide you with that and more information . Inbox.

Do you have market for your goods? I mean, you will invest money in something that might have higher price than good already existing on the market, which increases your probability to go bankrupt. So, first search the market a little bit more

I have an identified niche market, it’s not general construction goods. A bit on the high end though.