importing a car

I have now come to know that importing a car is way cheaper than buying the same car from a dealer in Kenya.

I met a guy yesterday who usually deals with car importations. Jamaa aliniambia vile yeye hushtuka wakenya wakinunua gari huku na unaeza import cheaply. For example, A toyota premio 2012 can be imported to Kenya with 1.3 million shillings but the same car in the yards goes for 1.6 - 1.7 million…a toyota mark x can be imported with 1.1 - 1.2Mill (depending on the Japanese seller) while in kenya it goes for 1.5Mill…


The price difference is called profit. What’s new about this?? The chicken you buy at the restaurant costs way less if you buy yours, slaughter and prepare at home. Same for all other businesses. So sioni point yako hapa.

Your trying to be right but your missing the point … I can explain a lot of things but io time sina kapsaa … They pay custom duty etc, pay workers , pay rent or yards whatever pay workers etc … THINK

I get your point…

Do you still think its cheaper?


Kama mtu anataka gari say 700k and a saloon say premio. Hana option but to buy a car locally. Now kama i have 1.2m i will import a car but kama sifiki bei na nataka saloon i have no option but to buy a locally used unit. That said i agree with you that it is not wise to buy a car locally that you can get imported much cheaper.

Yes way cheaper…I am saying I get @T-Raww1 point why cars in Kenya are more expensive than importing because many costs are incurred the way he has just said…

you can go to mombasa with 800k na urudi home na gari mpya ya 1.3m, ulipe ingine pole pole. kila option ina advantage na disadvantage zake

That’s normal importing is way cheaper but there is;

  1. Waiting time for ferry iland - can take over a month
  2. Unauziwa pictures and condition abroad
  3. If not a trusted dealer Japan, pesa upepea
  4. More waiting time pale port for clearance and NTSA delayed number plates
    All this time you haven’t seen the real thing and many kenyans are lazy and don’t trust even themselves so they go for the ready made available - buying what you see; always expensive

Utapata mtu akisema he will import a car, ukifanya hesabu unaona he will save less than 150k after all expenses. Its never worth kuimport hizi premios etc gari za below 2 million. You will only save a few coins. What you should do is be a smarter shopper. Ukienda kununua premio caryard za Nairobi utagongwa bei vibaya sana. Enda caryard za Mombasa. There dealers sell large volumes so they take a smaller profit per vehicle.

By paper you could see it’s cheaper but there are many hidden costs. Sijui NTSA, shipping agents, think ata watu hulipishwa parking as the car awaits clearance alafu you probably will have to grease some palms. Add your own man hours into the whole thing ukizungushwa na customs, not forgetting transportation costs from port to your preferred destination propably in another city. There’s also things you can’t measure monetarily for instance your peace of mind, utakuwa na anxiety and pressure about loosing your entire investment from the moment you make payment for the car in Japan. You can miss some small legal details and the car ikatazwe clearance.

Basically i feel if you doing it for business all that hustle is actually worth it coz it will give you experience and you bound to make connections and get better at it by the time you importing your say 5th car. Lakini if you importing that 1 car once all that stress and bureaucracy is just not worth it for me at the end.

Hio ni yako! Hio 150k saved sio pesa? Kwani uko na car import business ndio you sound very salty?

I imported all my cars and those of close relaz. They were not only cheap but all were in very good condition. @tall mnyama everywhere go for importation kama unataka machine. You’ll never regret it

Reality is, you save from 150k and above - and that is besha! Every car i have imported myself below 2M i have saved over 200k. In kenya utagogwa mileage (tampered), condition of the car and grade (never revealed), expensive parts replaced with cheap ones like stereos and rims, etc. The cars in kenya car yards are even cheaper to import to Kenya because they choose low grades and with high mileage to maximize profits

I’m shocked that your also haven’t figured out that it’s cheaper to make your own coffin.

My neighbour bought a car with 50000 kms on the clock, after learning about verifying online he got the car was inspected at 165k kilometer and was grade 3.5…so you also pay to get conned, dealers such as sbt and beforward are straight but to each his own

Get your stale jokes out of here

Vehicle financing is done in partnerships with the vehicle yards and banks so most people are limited by that secondly conning iko kwa wingi.

True. And also a vast majority of kenyans buy cars on loan which means they have to buy it locally i.e. already imported by someone else. Banks typically dont give loans to individuals (i.e. end consumers) to import cars.

Hujaskia ukiambiwa hizo gari za 2million sio gari. Plus 150k ni peanuts to that guy, just a few coins…he makes waay more than that ndio maana anashangaa how you are able to survive