Importing a car

How much would it cost to buy and import a 2015 Mercedes Benz C400 4matic? Preferably a new one.

Google says a new one costs about 45’000USD.

Bei isikue ina double kaa range rover


Tax will be $45k, so prepare $90k. Taxman sio nyanyako banaa.

Tax Itakula gari another one!

How do you get your hands on a new “2015” vehicle ? Ama kunao wanaficha kama sukari ?

Very low mileage. A friend bought a 2014 Altima in 2016, the mileage was below 500km.
Can that be defined as a new car.

I think it can qualify, lakini that 500 km would indicate it has been used, though kidogo apart from the movement of the car, say from the manufactures to the dealer, or the dealer moving it around for show purposes.

Quite tricky , I think mostly a new car is one thats is from a brand dealership with let’s say less than 50km.
The mileage is what I have noted when installing trackers Kwa brand new Isuzu pickups .

Kaa ni hivyo wacha ikae, I will settle for this 2009 e350 for 3.7m


Unapata wapi pesa? Pia mimi naidai

just download kra document and check. google inakwambia bei ya US ama majuu kwingine. You would get it for $45k if it were manufactured or assembled here.


Huyu jamaa ako na car freshener kama yangu. Great minds think alike :D:D:D atleast it gives me hope that I will someday enjoy such extravagance since we share the same tastes

Makes a lot of sense. Kununua c klass $90k?! heheheee. Ya bibi?

Where can I download this Kra document?

Labda yenye imetulia kwa dealership hio miaka yote

Kenya tunamaliswa bana, we can’t acquire good things at a fair price, lazima ufinywe kabisa.

Sio ya Bibi, ni yangu, Sina Bibi mimi

Just go e klass straight.

JOMO… the son of uhuru has a group of g class owners… Very exclusive… Nunua hii… And start getting tenders…

I used to see the G class and some mean looking fellows very early in the morning when Jomo used to do Yoga pale Viking House ,Westlands .

I’ve been in her sister’s (ngina) g wagon… Kuna time ili chomeka running light… So i had to ship it for them…

They all have the g wagons… And a few other gathechas… Ya jeff koinange is G 460…then ime wekwa custom kits…

It’s a stupid car… But it’s a proper status symbol…

G~wagon is a meffi car.not a proper off road like Prado, land cruiser or range.
Hiyo e class iko poa lakini would prefer a c63 amg.