Quality wise UK Cars are better. They are also a bit pricey than from japan. If the kawaida cars just go japan way, if the high end ones then UK is better.
Diesel is also a big issue for UK Cars. Juzi tu a guy imported a diesel golf from UK kidogo kidogo imeknock engine.

waah a real risk taker this one

The secret is usinunue gari mzee sana UK hizo 7-8yrs old nunua Japan, otherwise utakalia tarmac ukidrive.

Our fuel quality is wanting. It has been said before, a bit tongue-in-cheek I think, that what we call diesel is closer to porridge than it is to a hydrocarbon fuel. Ask around for guys who bought Mercedes Sprinters just two years back usikie masahibu.

Kama hutaki shida, yes. Also explore Thailand and RSA.

True. That’s about 12,000km p.a or 1,000km p.m. Very fair.

Not necessarily true. If I was to buy a personal car above 2000cc engine capacity, I’d definitely go for diesel.

Perhaps you’re better of comparing costs of sourcing from the U.K vs. from Japan. Regardless of the source however, CRSP is used by KRA to compute taxes.

…kukalia tarmac…juu ya kurust?

yep.unaruka bump unabaki hapo:D

Mimi nime deal na diesels for a while and took very good care of them lakini mwishoe you end up spending more money than you’ve saved on the price of fuel…petrols on the hand hakuna dpf dmf dont even need turbos…but yes the diesel engine will last you longer

Kwanza yangu saa hii ni a a 14yr volvo with a D5 engine ex uk with more than 170k miles lakini it still purrs like a kitten ikiwa tick over but pulls a like a train when you put your foot down…lakini nimetumia pesa hadi bibi ameniambia nimuacha nioe hiyo gari…lakini nikamshow 504 itaona wivu