Good evening lads,

Is it worth the time and money to import a car from the UK.

What are the pro’s and con’s?

-You are able to get full service history of majority of cars from the UK so able to see what has been replaced or is due.

-The vehicles there usually have high mileage.Gari ya 7-8 years huwa imefanya atleast 100k Kms.
-The cars usually have bad rust chini ya gari.This is occassioned by salt which is poured on the roads during winter.

Those are the ones I can think of ATM.


Kama ni Diesel engine, watch out.

Though nowdays naona kila mtu ananunua petrol

Hata Mimi nielimishwe hapa

Think it’s coz gari ya diesel ya UK and Europe in general are used to Low sulphur diesel so when it’s brought here and our diesel ni ile mzito,cars usually start having fuel transmission problems which can be quite expensive to replace.My two cents.

We do not have good enough diesel quality to run delicate diesel engines. In other words, the engine is built for a diesel standard we do not have. Most probably you will end up replacing the engine.


Kenyan diesel is low Sulphur.

Hata the famous Shell station penye the Beast ilifuel bado hamna quality diesel? So the only diesel engine one can go for is strictly japan…

100k kms in 8 years is nothing for a modern engine, which can comfortably clock 1m kilometers.

Cars are made with the market in mind. I think cars specifically made for europe are the problem, and not European manufacturers. I think Bentley, landrover, or mercedes can sell you a car with a diesel engine and no problem. They know which car/diesel engine to give you. The required diesel standard for some european market cars is not available or widespread in Kenya. It is said to be available here and there in kenya, but you can never be sure. Do you want a car that can only fuel only in one petrol station or can only use one brand of filling station? And imagine asking an attendant of what kind of diesel they sell?
some substances in our diesel deposit stuff in some engines which are not built with that factor in mind. They wont run well and will eventually fail.

how low?

Gari ya diesel ni moto ya kuotea mbali…too many things can go bad

You seem to forget to ask him to provide one very crucial bit of his query. Since He’s also asking if it’s worthy the time and money, I think he ought to tell us about the price, ie, if he already identified his car, and the freight costs so that perhaps, you can give him comparative options!

E.g a Honda CRV 2012 - 2013 model. Price of the car locally compared to buying in the UK.

Or any other car found locally compared to sourcing it from the UK, will i really save a substantial amount?

Meant to say 100k MILES not Kms…

A quick search shows price range from 9000- 13000 Pounds buying price in UK.

thats 1.2M + and how about taxes and other misc costs

how does one go about the problem of Rust? coz the cars are usually good, with some interesting extra features that are absent from those sourced in Japan