Important things which will happen after elections

  1. There will be certain change of statehouse occupants .
  2. The poor will remain even more poor , @cortedivoire will remain fuckin 150/= rats at kayole eating 30 shs lunch , @captain obvious will remain being paid 9k and using cyber resources inappropriately to watch porn , @Weyn will remain an enlightened begger begging for mosels of bread and offering his self confessed asset for cash.
  3. Political temperatures will cool down for 3 years before they escalate again as usual as your tingods seek re- election .
  4. Those men whose wives used to stay at markets waiting for political handouts will be celebrating since their ho s will be back in their arms .
  5. Those ghaseers who have been celebrating handouts from ‘viongoss’ will coil back home and to their pathetic hustles and reflect since no developments will accur as they were paid to vote for their evil leaders who will now be celebrating at undisclosed location eating well waiting to invest again after 5 years.
  6. And most important , the sun will always rise from east to west.
  7. Loss to those who abuse their neighbors or mistreated them because of political affiliations , the party you support won’t bring you new neighbors.

Mkamba Leo inakaa umeamka on a philosophical mode, ama mmeo @Eng’iti hayuko area akupige kuni?

Sitakusumbua mzee @kanguthu monkeypox will sort you up for me :smiley:


  1. Kijiji itabaki bado ikiwa chonjo Wadau.
  1. Kenyan flag will still have four colours. Red,Green,black and white.

Fossil tulia jo.




And more so sobriety will come back to the esteemed village members