Importance of trees

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Yenyewe hao Kondoo wameadhiliwa.

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There should be a law, for planting atleast 10 fruit trees after or during construction of any kind…

Tell that to single IQ Kenyans, money first everything else after until the day there will be no clean drinking water.

Some developments have this covered, e.g. Two Rivers, in the quest of maintaining 30% green spaces.

i see kenyans spending over 10 million bob to buy a house without any grass outside, cabro everywhere, kokoto na simiti kila mahali

Which trees? The ones between the legs?

In the footsteps of Wangari maathai,mimi pia i have devoted rest of my life in protecting environment…CLIMATE CHANGE IS REAL…PLANT TREES TODAY

In the spring of conserving environment, napeana free seedlings …plus training on how to plant trees

I think that even kids know that trees are very important for our world and for us. Thanks to them we still have what to breathe with and not just this. You know we can speak a lot about their importance 'cause they really have it and a big one. Now people also are developing different species and plant them as decorative once. You know, recently, I found this site with big thujas. I was really impressed by how beautiful are these trees. Of course that I ordered for my garden some, especially now when they are on sale hehe.

Bamboo is also just as good for shade and attracting rain…its also gives a different look to the compound badala a single trunk of a tree.
Check out ECO AFRICA if memory does me justice if your in western kenya…wame deliver 2 months ago 200 bamboo stems bila pere pere mingi home and they also came with guys to help me plant the stuff.
Its a real shame what they did to THE LATE GREAT COMMANDER IN CHIEF WANGARI MAATHAI…may She R.I.P. Very very very sad.
Fuck whoever and everyone who messed with Mama Wangari…ah!

Thanks for this share, I was looking to buy some trees and I gues that I’ll order from here too