Import of vehicle

Was reading up on the process to import a vehicle from Japan and it seems pretty straightforward on paper. Wenye who have gone through it how was your experience? Anything you were confronted with that you didn’t expect?

So many things to look out for. Just pay someone to do it for you.

Agent wa iyo website

I would also like to know the process of ordering a brand new car through a dealer in another country. The particular car model I am interested in has only one dealership in Africa located in Cape Town.

Village billionaires who have imported a car from a dealer in another country,give us your advise on this matter.

Was actually working out the total costs of importing the vehicle myself directly then comparing the current market costs for the exact same vehicle huku to see if there’s a little something to be made. In short definitely want to cut out that someone to bring costs to a minimum. It’s one of my future projects.

I see what you are doing:D

@ochithunder alitoa yake SA. Tafuta thread yake usome…

I know a dealer in Cape Town who can process it for you. It’s actually not too complicated but works best if someone on the ground knows what to look out for.

Kuna wakikuyu waliend Japan, wakafungua fake website za Cars for Sale from Auctions. Ukiweka pesa. Jamaa anaingia mitini. Chunga sana. Usikue na haraka ya kuekeana pesa

nime kua niki sorora gari za tz, they are cheap but a bit old in terms of manufacturing date… kuna mtu ana jua the importation charges and costs ?

If they really go by this calculator then the price you pay to buy and transport your mkoko to Mombasa is the amount you will pay in taxes thereby doubling the cost of the car :frowning:

You still save huge amounts of money especially if importing a vehicle worth over 1.5 mil. Anything cheaper heri kununua tu locally and shop for the best deal. You wont save much for that trouble.


Nikii mani…just call them unscrupulous business people not Kikuyus. Nyumba thaai!

I have personally imported all my cars most recently early this month. There is nothing hidden about the process (straightforward as it is). Just ensure you are dealing with genuine dealer (I use SBT), and also it calls for some patience (you may have to wait for up to 6 weeks before receiving your car). You will also need a reliable clearing agent in Mombasa to help facilitate the hectic clearing process (confirm if they are geniune from the KPA website). At the end of it you wont regret it, I ended up saving over kshs 400,000 from the recent unit I purchased and what you see is what you get.

Danganya toto jinga. The auto dealership industry in JP is strictly regulated by the government. All dealers MUST be registered and are regularly monitored for compliance, any complaints against them are thoroughly investigated and heavily penalised, can even lead to cancellation of trade license.Only a fool would lose his money, sending it to some nondescript website without taking due diligence.

It can happen. Cons are very clever. They just need to develop a website with almost the same name as popualr japanese dealers. They will then fool a few people before going under.

Thank you. Alafu nikulize hiyo import duty calculator, is it accurate? Which clearing agent do you use?

It’s true there are many Kenyans doing this biashara in Japan. Currently, we are at the final stages of getting the compliance and open for business with the same business model.
What you need to be aware of is that the cost of purchasing auction data and even getting approval of the same is quite steep so it is not for every tom dick and harry to crack. Also Auction yard are scattered all over japan and you will need a very reliable system to ensure safe inland shipping. In short it’s not as easy as you may want to make it look.

You will need to work very hard to lose your money this way

Kwani that someone is god. Nyinyi mnaonanga wakenya wakiwa wajinga aje. When I imported my first car I knew nothing about importing anything. But I just did it. Nini unajaribu ku complicate hapo hata kama unajaribu kunukisha kitunguu