import from alibaba

…whats the procedure of importing a good from alibaba to kenya?

you buy then they send to you

Go to

Kama ni Alibaba ask @incognitus to ship it for you. Unfortunately on Aliexpress the products sold are for export only so the best option is China Post


You can give African Salihiya’s Dubai address as your delivery address, then African Salihiya can deliver the package to you here in Kenya. Otherwise, if the package goes through the other channels and you happen to deal with KRA…!

.the trade assurance part ndio inanimix…@incognitus please nichanue on how to go about it

…what will KRA do?overquote the tax…ama? its a very small package worth not so much but very unavailable in Kenya

Trade assurance is for suppliers who are verified based on their past transactions. Use those ones but they are often more expensive than the others

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I received a free sample from a supplier in Fujian, China, who preferred to send by DHL instead of the other means. He even paid for the freight. On reaching Nairobi and after inspection and valuation by KBS and KRA, I was ordered to pay Kshs 9700 for a spare part that if I were to sell it it would go for Kshs 4700 only!

Incognitus= okiya.

NEVER EVER EVER EVER EVER allow these sellers to send via UPS, DHL, Fedex or Aramex.
Happened to me as well.
bought a car part that costs 30k for a second hand one locally. i paid 8k for it. shipping another 7k so total 15.
i was slapped with stupid fees amounting to 14k. yaani what was the point??? afadhali ifike city square ufanye kivyako.
FFedex, FUPS, FDHL & FAramex!
FKRA and FKEBS as well!

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i can help you.