Implications of the Now certain Biden Win

Now that Biden is winning, what are we expecting his leadership to affect world affairs? Is it true that he will force us to accept our boots to be opened or we are sued? How about the issue of coronavirus that many think was CREATED to fire Trump? Are we likely to now get a vaccine/ cure for it from the NWO mafia like Gates? He certainly looks sleepy and unexciting but, either way he will win.


Biden cant do much without the control of the Senate…halafu Trump’s economic policies were working…I expect Biden to stick with them
Simply put, there won’t be much change .

Not much will change my fren. Kwanza niliona Biden na Kamala wakisema wataban fracking nikacheka. Big Oil hawatambui huo upus. At the end of the day, politicians ni wale wale, whether wako Yunares states au vumbistan.

-Preaching and selling the gay and feminist agenda to all the corners of the world.
-Invading a country or two of and killing their leader(s).
-Resurgence of Al Qaeda, Boko Haram, Isis and other terror groups so as to sell firearms.

If he behaves like Obama then the world will become a very unsafe place.

The return of Terrorism, Coup d’etat, change of regimes will be normal again.

The oil and guns cartels had a field day during Homobama’s time. No wonder there were so many coups and terror groups

The world was a very unsafe place from 2009 Jan -2017 Jan.

See the screenshot of Coup during Obama Times and trump Times.


Trump Era

Obama left a very worse world.

Libya, Egypt, Syria(unending civil war), Yemen (the worst humanitarian crisis ever), ISIS, Al-qaeda, Alshabaab ( + alshabaab pirates), Boko haram,

A pathetic regime

Obama is back to the white house…he is the pseudo vice president…

Maybe even pseudo-president

Shame how people love Obama. The guy was a catastrophe to this world.

obama was just a homosexual married to an ugly tranny

Yes… expect your boot to be free real estate… There will be shaming of homophobic countries,wars etc…Just as America was before Trump…I may go further to say Tz will be fully sanctioned for irregular elections…

China must be celebrating

The Kenyan US embassy was holding “gay pride” celebrations during obama’s presidency… Expect that to be back on the schedule… Then they’ll probably fund the “repeal162” movement’s cases… And a several millions annually into “reproductive rights” or in plain language abortio*n via repealing the Mexico city policy.
That’s just for starters

ISIS, Al Qaeda, Al Shabaab and Boko Haram and the drug cartels from South America are all like this anticipating Trump removal


Obama foreign policy was a disaster. Joe Biden has inherited a relatively peaceful world. Let’s hope he keeps it that way

A peaceful world sucks, let guka Biden begin by terrorising middle east, pushing Chinese bastards over Taiwan island, pocking his nose into Russian affairs just as all his predecessors have been doing apart from mushroom dicked donatt Trump and pushing birth control in Africa ghassia ziache Kuzaana Kama panya.
Exciting times ahead