implications of a driverless future

[li]People won’t own their own cars. Transport will be delivered as a service from companies who own fleets of self-driving vehicles.[/li][li]Software/technology companies will own more of the world’s economy[/li][li]Driver’s licenses will slowly go away[/li][li]There will be no more local mechanics, car dealers, consumer car washes, auto parts stores or gas stations.[/li][li]The auto insurance industry as we know it will go away (as will the significant investing power of the major players of this industry).[/li][li]Most auto makers will go out of business[/li][li]The car financing industry will go away[/li][li]Increases in unemployment[/li][li]Demand for taxi and truck drivers will go down, eventually to zero. [/li][li]The politics will get ugly as lobbyists for the auto and oil industries unsuccessfully try to stop the driverless car.[/li][/ol]

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We’ve not even mastered the use of traffic lights yet. Hii technology sio yetu.

We’ll just have to leap.

akina @introvert kitungu lazima inuke kaka

So you are saying that some bill gates kind of a guy will own all the auto industry and people will slave for him.? Well, mathematically yes. Realistically no. The society is self correcting. It does not always adopt the most efficient system. Remember the car is 1200 kg but carries 70-80 kg most of the time. It is not the most efficient system of our time. We are also reproducing at a very high rate. Having more children than we actually are despite the fact that it is irrational in the long term. Humans are rational or irrational depending on the challenge at hand.

Not really a bill Gates type guy, but rather a very few group of people.

How different is your theory from say the end of the world theory or the millennium bug?

Electric and driverless cars are a disruptive technology. It’s not in vain that all carmakers scrambling to adopt it. That’s the future.

And the oil companies will just sit idly by?

Hope that day never comes

Look at point number 10. Politics would get uglier

That would be a very boring life, where will I take my powerful guzzlers?

Don’t worry. Only your grandkids would probably experience that life

The future looks boring. Why would I want a car to drive itself? The future is getting less manly by the day. Tulicheza “Lisibo” ile mpira ya karatasi siku hizi naona tu “fifa”
Tukacheza na toy cars siku hizi ni “NFS”
Tulikuwa “tunafunga shule na mtu” our output for violence siku hizi ni GTA
We used to make guns from sticks and pawpaw stems(hii ni rifle) and really combat siku hizi iko ile call of duty.
Manual cars are dying autos have taken over. this iS my take however flawed it is

Si basi traffic ofisa wataenda bankrupt since hakutakua watu wa kuwapa hongo?

people still use what they used back zile days za Methuselah, however much advanced technology is people wont sync with it entirely.