IMO: Champions league [Strictly an Arsenal Fans only thread]

Arsenal is currently No.3 in their group. We need to defeat Olympiakos by a 2 goal margin to qualify for the next round. IMO (In my Opinion) Wenger and Arsenal should not force themselves to go to the 2nd round coz huko kuna Wazito kama Barca, Real, Bayern München, etc. Lets jus play in the Europa league…akuna aja ya ku struggle alafu we get bundled out 2nd round. We have too many injuries na W/O players like Walcott, Coquelin, Wilshere , Rosiscky Et’al then we are easy target for the wazitos. In case we qualify for the 2nd round wazito watakuwa wanatutaka sana…all will be praying wapate Arsenal and we all know how lethal these wazito are ikfika elimination stages Champions league…IMO.

then tupewe barcelona au bayern kama kawaida

kwanza tukimaliza 2nd position lazima ni bayern ama barca…ndo maana nasema tubaki position 3 tupelekwe europa league

ubaya ya europa league ni kucheza thursday,maplayers hawatarecover for saturday games poa…so ni tricky pia

True true bt this is the best time for Wenger to test his younger unused players…wenye hawakuangi first team

hehe io itakuwa ngori apana unaona venye walifanywa maneno na sheffield wednesday:D

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who is the only manager to get a golden EPL trophy?:cool:

I thought this thread was about Champions League o_O

I concur with you jirani cpl kuwa namba two ni suicide. Lakini I really don’t like the idea of arsenal playing uropa

  1. Arsenal can’t be paired with Bayern in the round of 16

  2. Teams playing in Europa on Thursday nights play their league games on Sunday/Monday. Never Saturday. This is equivalent to Wednesday night Champions League, then Saturday Premier league


Europa ni mabakshish. Afaa ata tumalize number 4. Olympiacos lazima tuwalime.

Tutakamua olympiacos hadi kwa mkia. If we get barca or any other strong team…so be it!

ofcourse hatuwespewa bayern

Gunners have never played europa between you and me hii ligi ni gumu sana.
Ask yourself why man u were bundled out that season walicheza huko.
Huko ile ngware iko huko wacha tu we shall come with more injuries.
Keep the faith and in wenger we trust.Olympiacos tutakamua.