Immortalizing my Mum

I have been thinking of the best way to recognize my mum for the contribution in the family and society in general, and to have the story of her life as a lesson for those who feel like giving up. See, my mum is one classic case study for “strength of a woman”. From being a house help at 16, married at 20, back to school at 23, a teacher at 25, bringing up 6 naughty children while mzee is away, managing a farm, carting a 50-lt can of milk to diary (KCC) on her way to work (5kms journey), and later in her retirement- having to take care of a terminally ill husband, including waking up 3 times a night to “turn” him to avoid bed sores, handling an alcoholic son who once sold her land while she was in hospital watching over mzee, etc etc. I think her story should not die with her. Her story should be written to be a reference manual for modern women whose role model is Vera Sintika.

So, I want to emunerate her story in a book, kind of biography. I have the stuff I would want in the book, but how or where to start sijui. And that is why I come to the all knowing KTalk Council of Elders.

@FieldMarshal CouchP, you were writing something sometimes back. How did you go about it? I know you know the woman am talking about.


I’ll buy a copy.
Go on write it.

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Her story would be inspiring. But it would also be similar to many more written by kids brought up between 1970-1999. Our parents generation had different challenges an opportunities. Similarly, there will be heroines in our generation. Especially in the corporate and entrepreneurial scene where women have been groomed to take bolder steps to achievements.


God Bless your mother and Such mothers whose sacrifices can never be repaid in one lifetime!, sina usiadizi but would love to get the finished production!


Are you her only son?

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Are you her only son?

I think her story is unique, very unique indeed. I have read may books, but have never come across one of sacrifice, determination, love and resilience like I see in my mother. Well, I may be biased coz she is my mother, but trust me, it is more than anything I have read before.

Nope. We were three sons, one passed on. The other is the one mentioned above.

Long live Nyina @Thagichu


She’s an angel


Moms aRe just awesome.


Great woman. Not easy having to juggle all that. And she also brought up outstanding sons, no?

Yea, I am an outstanding son. She’s proud of me as mcuh as I am proud of her.

I see where you are going with this. Good question


At least these shisha-smoking sluts can learn something from it. By all means, do.

I dont think he was asking for permission

And it is not within my purview to grant it.

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This song crossed my mind. If you have a mother, cherish her.

Hopefully. If they can stop twerking long enough to read the title.

@Thagichu hope you manage to immortalize your mama.
Suggestion: Build something in her memory…like a block of classes in the nearest school,or school where she served last. Seeing she was a teacher.


A good idea, lakini hio ni pesa mingi. A certain biographer ave been referred to says he charges 150K.

@Thagichu save me a copy. That is the untold story of mother’s and there are many out there like her whose story will be heard through your story so make it happen. @FieldMarshal CouchP will not help you, what he was writing sometime back was his will (mzee am kidding)