Immigrants, Kenya's online Identity reputation, Vegans

Inferiority complex yako haitakupeleka mbali.

Opportunities for growth are always better. Afadhali afungue kinyozi hapa, igrow, ikuwe kubwa, kuliko abaki na kinyozi ndogo huko kwao.

I for one welcome all Africans to Kenya. But I think we should pay special attention to those Yahoo Boys coming here easily. Wakiendelea, PayPal might just block Kenyan accounts like they did to Nigerian ones.

There was an Iranian construction company doing some work here in rural Kenya when they finished their job most settled here in Kenya running some businesses, they mostly like it here because there are no restrictions compared to Iran they can drink, go to clubs and have multiple kungurus to safisha their rungus bila stress

That’s what making the Arab populace and other nationalities to flock +254. There are no restrictions, we are never suspecting and finally no nyumba kumi like Tanzanians

Yeah life here is so good for them, some were nabbed by immigration due to lack of work permits and on their way to the airport to be deported they were crying

Nangoja hao wanawake wa ethiopia na eritrea wakuje kwa wingi.

According to the Arabs, it’s Africa’s time to prosper, Arabs especially Egyptians and Yemenis are landing in Africa in droves. Mahali utaona Myemen, jua hapo kuna pesa, Yemenis are the Arab Kyuks.

Najib Balala is of Yemeni extraction. Inakaa mombatha kuna pesa

Wako wengi sana but they do not mix with Kenyans.

Nigerian immigration ni shida ya kujitakia tu.

Hehehe… Wacha usapere mwingi.