Immigrants, Kenya's online Identity reputation, Vegans

Nimeishi pale Lumumba Drive na mirema kwa muda kiasi, na wale wanaishi huko wanajua that the population of Nigerians continues to rise with time. I detest xenophobia and I hope we maintain a reputation of a welcoming country and all, lakini, to a degree, uzuri wetu can take its toll on us. I hope the financial returns we get by hosting these West Africans, horners and Central Africans commensurate what we put at stake. At least the landlords are raking in from them brodas.
Those who have been engaging in online activity and hustle can attest to the fact that, a few years back, getting an academic writing account, transcription account, forex trade account .etal was slightly easier. Over time, online hustle imekua ikimea pembe for kenyans. Besides time based change factors, Kenya’s online credentials have plummeted partly as a result of interesting characters posturing as Kenyans on the internet…while in Kenya. IP addresses emanating from Kenya are taken with more suspicion in online circles that require a substantial amount of Trust. Now negroes have to hustle VPNs to get by. Wakenya tunajulikana kuwa wajanja, lakini sio kwa wizi ya 419 scams. The only King we had is Nabongo Mumia na hakua famous sana to a level ya mtu kudai ati am a kenyan prince blah blah ama sijui ati I am a descendant of Jirani ya wangu wa makeri blah blah. Ile ujanja tuko nayo si ya watu kutuogopa online.
Anywho, Since Zuku started their foray into lower middle income neighborhoods with affordable housing and a slightly stable purchasing power (read Highrise, Donholm, Umoja…), these neighborhoods have seen an influx of hordes of Nigerian immigrants. Some students, others businessmen and others…well…immigrants. Then entrepreneurs started distributing their connections using them nano things, safaricom decentralized internet distribution with the home internet thing and allover sudden, people are moving around. There’s a Nigerian dude I used to buy Chinese Collar shirts from pale Stage ya Roysa kuenda tao. Sijui kama bado yuko. Guy blends in, speaks sheng and all but the way he says “Mzito” always sells him out. Usually he goes “Mzithooooo” with a suspicious smile. Anything for the money. Hard working ninja though. I hope si disguise ya kuuza “tic tacs”.

Juzi nlikua Muthiga-Regen visiting a friend. Lots of nice flats are coming up around there and they almost fill up on completion. Where my pal lives, i immediately realized that loads of Naijas are already up here, coz they like to shout, and one was on the fourth floor balcony shouting some incoherent stuff to another on the 2nd floor looking up. Incoherent stuff…wait for it…in English. And I was like, Regen ?? Nigerians ?? Na shida ni unlike the South Sudanese and Somalis, one wouldn’t pick out a Nigerian instantly. Yorubas look like Lunjes, Igbos look like mix ya ((mjaluo + mkisii) x (mkikuyu + mlunje))+(a flat kisogo, which is still common among our coastals), and no one knows anything about the others. Anywho, the only Northeners najua ni Aliko Dangote na Abubakar Shekau wa Boko Haram. Of course besides their president Moha. One thing for sure najua ni, when you find people moving into your country for whichever reasons, be it School, Business or assylum, you ought to know that some good isht is going down here. But we have to be smart not to get carried away. Got to be as vigilant as we are hospitable.

In other News, what’s with the Vegan terrorism allover the Internets ?


Am now beginning to see an agenda akin to that of the LGBT movement. Let me eat my steak in peace please. I was genetically predisposed to be omnivorous and I accept myself. Never selling out on Nature. At the risk of offending some, coz am sure kuna vegans hapa, if Vegans care so much for Animals, please remember to also stop lions from eating Antelopes. If anyone makes it their choice to go Vegan, I applaud your choice. But please, we are all sovereign beings. Let me enjoy my individual sovereignty, savoring my choices too. Some of us can’t afford those high end protein supplements so we just have to chop them drumsticks up.

Last but not least, How is the wall along the Kenya - Somalia border going ? And is it going to be looong, high and beautiful ? with a big fat gate ?

I am wondering why you have to single out Nigerians. They reside legally and are building the economy. So why care. I have done deals with all foreigners, Chinese and all. A business person is just happy to collect his dues. Money doesnt see color. Kwanza that rent. Sometimes they are better than locals. A Kenyan can be selling(or buying) you something and he has “petho”.

Hujaongea poa

Throughout history, Societies that have played host to immigrants have always prospered.

The only vegan Kenyans I have met ni wenye wakona allergy ya nyama :D:D

Jana kuna waarabu walikuwa wana hawk sufria from door to door. They do not speak swahili and their english is broken. I have never seen a Kenyan hawk sufurias or anything around this place. What is happening to our good country?

Where those Arabs came from, they must have seen people making it big time hawking sufuria door to door .
Just like a Kenyan migrating majuu and starting a matumbo na mutura joint.

Haha nimeona hao. The even sell on higher purchase.

Ni wagani hao wenye allergy ya nyama

Hate those dickheads with a passion. The only good Naija is a dead one

They are mostly Syrians who feel there’s nothing to go back to.

Hapo pa residing legally, I really doubt. Yeah, but we have bigger problems I agree.

watu ya jaba pia ni vegans?,considering wanakuaga na poor diet ya KDF na chai ngware then mayai pasua kabla alale

Hizi vita za waarabu ni mbaya. Maybe wameona europe maisha ni magumu zaidi. Alafu waafrika wamewapokea vizuri.

Hizo lazima ni za hire purchase. They were not these ordinary sufurias. But nilishangaa sana. I expect arabs to be in big businesess selling vehicles, construction materials and real estate.

Imagine someone moving from Nigeria to open a Kinyozi in Kawangware or deep in Kahawa west. Na wengine wetu tunalia hakuna opportunities. Maybe these “businesses” are fronts for illegal activities or the foreigners just know how to do business.

There are some poor Arabs in ME and North Africa.

I suspect ni sababu ya arab spring na hizo vita za syria and yemen. I blame it on the west. I felt so bad when they killed Ghadhafi.

They were only spreading freedom and democracy.

Am all for anyone who comes to hustle their way through life on genuine biz, however, like @Greedy Genius anasema hapa, how do you move from Naija to 254 to start a small business in the hood of another country almost same as yours ? A business worth less the fare and effort used to get here be it by land air or sea ? Or maybe am overthinking it.