IMF MD names Nancy Asiko Onyango as IMF Director of independent Audit

IMF Managing Director Christine @Lagarde Names Nancy Asiko Onyango, a #Kenyan national, as Director of the IMF’s Office of Independent Audit Hongera Daktari @IMFNews @CytonnInvest @KCBGroup

Congratulations are in order. Another brilliant Kenyan takes her role in the international stage.[ATTACH=full]143101[/ATTACH]


Experience yake imefikicha yeye apo
Conagaratuleshens Nyansi

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congratulations, lakini watu from the lakeside hio field wameishikilia

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I know some.greedy fellows who are sulking at her appointment having dismissed her from their firm few years ago.Congrats Nancy.


There are two people in your life. Those who hate on you, celebrate all your fall and those who love you while they help where they can. In the end you will thank all of them when you succeed. You need both to succeed. Everyone who gets to the top have a history of up’s and down. This is why I celebrate her achievement.


You’re short of saying Jubilee development i bet


Nimeona Bw @spear amekuwa Village sponsor,…congrats


She is still young,she is gonna prove them wrong,she is a testimony to me that even the best make a wrong decision somewhere.Yes those that tried to bring her down.

Congrats are in order.

Congrats Nancy! Boychild battalion wako wapi? Your silence is deafening.


Shhh! Tunangoja Nyakundi atuambie whether its property. As of now we don’t have an opinion.

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Even his comments zime ‘ooze’ to use an old slang meaning aged:D

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Ukweli nimeanza kuzeeka. My baldness is testimony to that. Gravity is finishing my hairline. @introvert is testimony to that.

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My hair is also gradually bidding my scalp goodbye:D

Kwani boy child army have an issue with promotions obtained on merit? Kiuliso tuuu

Nah boychild has an issue with any female at the top. Hata yule msichana wa KCPE walipiga kelele. It’s just sad.

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Huyo sio boy child huyo ni overgrown baby